Anyone howling for more?


The superb U.K movie mag that is “HotDog” got the word on a sequel to the fantastic wolf flick “Dog Soldiers”. Filmrot reports, “The movie, to be called Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat is going into production early 2004 for an early 2005 release. Kevin McKidd is back in the lead role but Neil Marshal himself will only be taking a “story by” and a “produced by” credit. It was revealed that [despite Marshal’s hope to make a trilogy with McKidd’s character facing each separate classic monster entity in each subsequent movie (Part 2 was to have the lead fighting a haven of vampires, Part 3 Frankenstein style zombies), which is now shelved due to the similar-in-nature Van Hesling that is coming soon (with the trilogies worth in one movie!) the movie will take place soon after the first, and straight from Marshal’s mouth, the secret of the movie is all in the ‘magic of DNA and the sheepdog from the first movie’. Give it away why don’t you”.

The site had more on what Marshal’s up to. “Total Film has given Marshal his own column charting his journey as a fledgling producer/writer/director, especially covering his new movie which is called Outpost. Originally pitched as the third part of Dog Soldiers, it is now nearing the stage of full completion as a screenplay with – according to Marshal – distributors already battling for a piece of the pie. He states it is a unique take on the horror genre with an oil rig in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean getting attacked by 50 “speedy, blood hungry, balls-to-the-wall” zombies when a boat crashes into it. With radios down, a storm cutting them off and no one to rely on but themselves, the staff of the oil rig tool themselves up and fight back. “

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting