Rounding up the Usual suspects, er, Mutants


Not surprisingly, Twentieth Century Fox are in talks with Director Bryan Singer to direct a third “X-Men” movie. Fox production president Hutch Parker told Variety the effort to mount another film is in its early stages, but that he would have been eager to bring Singer into the Fox fold even if the studio wasn’t thinking about another film. "We are always wary of sequels because so often they are an invitation to mediocrity, because not enough attention is paid to the skills that allowed the first film to succeed," Parker said. "We had such a fantastic experience with Bryan on ‘X2’ — he was a great partner who navigated the process, which included the magnitude of the budget, the number of visual effects, and our desire to build on the first film and make a better and more satisfying movie. The deal is an outgrowth of the strong relationship we built on those two films." The trade stats that the actor’s wages might be dramatically increased this time, because they’re not contractually obliged to do it.