Madonna about to gate crash another spy series?


‘Bill Bonney’ checks in with an update on the long-in-the-making “Semper Occultus” and this time, seems the Material Girl might be involved. “Word on the London streets is that writer/producer Ben Trebilcook (Die Hardest) has sough Madonna to assist him with his most precious first-own feature project, spy thriller Semper Occultus. Apparently, Trebilcook has penned a role for the Queen of pop. An FBI Agent who is more than a little corrupt. Trebilcook, whom is still gunning for Die Hard glory (and actually has an amazing array of support from fan-bases to big noises at the NYPD) is rumored to have contacted Madonna and her Maverick co for producing support and interest in the Fed character role in his intended franchise to rival Bond and Zeta Jones’ in-development ‘Grace Flint’ spy series. Mike Hurst of Baby Juice Express directs.” Last we heard Kelly Brook and Jason Statham were involved. We assume that’s kaput now.