Out of the toilet and into the Aston Martin


Got to say, I liked the idea of Hugh Jackman as Bond a lot better than Ben Kenobi but needless to say Ewan McGregor might still make an interesting 007. According to The Toronto Star, via Coming Soon, that’s who producers of the franchise are eyeing after Pierce Brosnan hands in the keys to the Aston Martin. "I think … it might take a bigger man to turn it down," McGregor reportedly told the newspaper. "There has been talk of it, but not with the people that matter," McGregor said. "I believe Pierce [Brosnan] is either doing his last [Bond film], or he’s doing one more. It’s interesting. It’s a fun thing to talk about when it’s not really even on the cards. In the same respects, I’m not sure what would happen if it cropped up. You’d have to really think about it. I think you’d have to really think about it in the same way that I did with the Star Wars films. I really thought about it and spoke to people I knew and in the end I just wanted to do it more and more, the closer it got."