From one "Adaptation" to another


Last week, Dark Horizons reported a rumour that Chris Cooper [“Seabiscuit, “The Horse Whisperer” – hey, anyone else starting to notice the horsey theme?] Could be up for the second of those two new villain roles [Cillian Murphy’s also grabbed one] in the next “Batman” flick. That was a little off apparently, the role Cooper [Academy Award Winner for “Adaptation” you may recall] is up for is that of Commissioner Gordon. The role was previously played by Pat Hingle in the first four “Batman” movies, but since “Batman: Intimidation Game” is telling the tale of a younger Batman, Gordon’s going to be undergoing an age transplant too. Enter Cooper…or Dennis Quaid, or Kurt Russell, or any of the other guys that have been rumoured to be up for the part. Still, shaping up to be an interesting cast.