When all else fails…write


Tom Arnold seems to have finally given up on a “True Lies 2” [bet you never saw that day ever coming?] and is forging ahead with a number of Schwarzenegger-less projects. According to Variety, Roseanne’s former sparring partner will write the MGM comedy “There Goes the Neighborhood” and he’s also written “The Kid and I”, an action comedy that he did for a wealthy entrepreneur who was looking to create a starring opportunity for his physically challenged son. The former is about a wealthy woman who gets revenge on her cheating husband with a neighborhood car detailer, with Arnold expected to play the detailer. The trade says that though many moneyed entrepreneurs have shown a willingness to open their wallets to the film industry, “The Kid and I” is one of the most unusual projects put together in Hollywood in recent memory. The film will be financed by Alec Gores, who became rich by buying and fixing companies under his Gores Technology banner. Though his brother Sam runs the Paradigm percentery, Gores said he only sparked to the film business because son Eric has put his energy into becoming an actor.