Delfino enticed by "Roswell" movie


Majandra Delfino, who played Maria on TV’s “Roswell” answered some questions on her message board about, well, anything and everything. One of the questions she was asked is whether or not she’d be interested in doing a fourth season of the series, or better still, the rumoured film that’s supposed to be in the works. “Hell yeah! I don’t know about another season though! Phew! Hopefully people had a nice break and they would be a little more fun at the work place. I just did an episode of Boston Public and I realized that not all TV show set’s have to feel like a funeral. It gives me hope for the future!” She also touched upon a new film she’s doing called “Celeste in the City”. “I am having fun. I have a week left. It’s been tough with Christmas coming and all but It’ll be nice to get home and do the whole Christmas thing. I love the script of this movie and I really love the cast they are fun and appreciative and sweet and giving. That makes things great. I could do this forever (in LA of course! I miss my home!)” Thanks to