Furlong caught wearing make-up!


‘John’ gave us the heads up on this link, which seems to feature the first pic of Edward Furlong in ‘Crow’ make-up from “Wicked Prayer”. Co-star David Boreanaz talked to the Los Angeles Daily News and praised young Furlong’s performance in the film. "He did a great job as the Crow. He’s really a good actor. I was surprised,” says Boreanaz. He adds "We raised the bar for each other and really had an amazing time getting into what we were doing. We got into each other’s face. We’re both very physical. I was surprised we didn’t get hurt doing the fight scenes. There were a lot of bruises, though.’ Danny Trejo also has a part in the film. He tells About.com, “I play a Baptist Minister Indian chief. Fallen from grace. I’m actually a good guy in this, Baptist minister. He’s the chief of the tribe that hates Eddie Furlong’s character, The Crow. I scream at him, "How did God choose you?" And it’s funny because he turns around and says, "Your daughter did." My daughter is Emmanuelle [Chriqui], his love interest.” Thanks to Superhero Hype.