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Special coverage in Hollywood, 2004

Moviehole does Hollywood – September 2004

As you’ll have guessed from the main news title, I’m heading stateside…LA, La La Land, Hollywood, Land of the pretty and the prudish, home to both Catherine Zeta-Jones and Rick Rossovich…

Yep, Moviehole’s going to Hollywood – for a few weeks anyway.

I’ll be talking to the movers and shakers in Sunny California – at least I hope it is, because all I’ve packed is a speedo and flip flops – while Adam Weeks, formerly of EzyDVD, mans the site from back home. He’ll be dishing out the daily news, I’ll be hanging Paris Hilton over a balcony begging her for the scoop on her next small screen venture.

In all seriousness, it should be a good few weeks – few interviews, few set visits, a run-down on what’s good to do in the states (like the theme parks) and a couple of special event coverage’s, which I’ll fill you all in one as the weeks progress and the clock ticks over.

Anyway, I’ll hand it all over to Adam, and throw this keg and backpack on the plane. Hopefully the in-flight movie isn’t Van Helsing…..took me enough time to get rid of those nightmares first time ‘round.

Join us as Moviehole does L.A. Come and say ‘G’Day’ if you spot us anywhere (except of course if you spot us at a screening of “Exorcist: The Beginning”, that wasn’t me…no way, nup).

With scoops, keep sending them into Clint@Moviehole.net

Clint Morris