Is James Cameron involved with Terminator 4?


The rumours have been flying thick and fast around the web lately about "Terminator 4" and whether it will actually happen or not.

Some rumours have suggested that The Rock will be taking over the role of the newest machine, and even stories of Orlando Bloom have surfaced on UK television lately.

With that in mind, one scooper wrote into us with a bit more info:

"My reliable source very, very close to Mr. Titanic himself, James Cameron, has told me that he is going to get involved with ‘Terminator 4’. The king of the world might either write and produce T4 or just write it!"

Not the first time that rumours have come up involving James Cameron returning to the series, remember that we had years of stories regarding his involvement with "T:3" which ended up being handled by Jonathan Mostow.

Still, if it does come true, we’ll have the famous "Lightstorm Spy" to thank for the heads up.

Meanwhile, Variety is saying that John Brancato and Michael Ferris have completed the draft for the film – with some side-aid from Jonathan ‘T3’ Mostow – with 2005 looking like the year that "T4" will head before the lens. Interestingly, the trade remarks that Schwarzenegger’s role might be pretty limited in the film – if he’s in it at all – because of his commitments to California. What will probably happen is another big-namer will be introduced as a new Terminal model – but how are folks going to to take to say The Rock or Vin Diesel as The Terminator? After all, it’s been Arnie’s game for so long.

– Adam Weeks.