Clint in Hollywood : WB stars still keen for Superman


Was over at the WB lot a few days back and heard that "Superman" is moving faster than a speeding bullet production wise – i.e special effects are being decided upon, and are apparently being handled by a NZ company – but that Bryan Singer is still yet to decide who he’s going to get to play the title role. Jim Caviezel was rumoured to be a near-lock for the role, but Singer didn’t agree with the rest of the S5 team on that one, so he’s moved on.

Singer is still keen to get a fresh face apparently. Those through the casting office doors over the past week or so include a Disney-stable youngster, a couple of Ironmen and newbies from the latest WB TV stabs.

Whilst David Boreanaz [ex-"Angel"] apparently impressed the "X-Men" director with his audition, it’s Anson Mount, now starring on the WB series "The Mountain", that’s got some tongues wagging. Says one source : "The execs. not only liked him for his acting ability, but it was said that they think he looks like an older Tom Welling".

And speaking of TV faves being tied to the film, a while back it was suggested that "OC" youngster Adam Brody was being lined up to play Jimmy Olsen in the movie. I had the chance to catch up with Brody at a recent charity event, just outside of San Diego, called ‘Festival of Heroes’, where it was discovered that that was something that McG – an executive producer of ‘The OC’ – was looking at doing. Still, even though McG’s gone, that doesn’t mean that Brody’s not going to be pulling a pillow up on the casting couch over the next few weeks. He just may. Gotta say – I like the kid, I think he might make for an amusing wet-behind-the-ears photojournalist.