Biker-boy playing a young Al Pacino

According to Production Weekly, "Torque" star Jay Hernandez will be playing the role of Charlie "Carlito" Brigante in a prequel to Al Pacino starrer "Carlito’s Way".

"Carlito’s Way : The Beginning" (You’d think studios would stay away from using ‘The Beginning’ in the title, after the pea-soup spewer went belly up this year) will centre on young Carlito’s infantile years – through 1940′s to 1970′s – when he gets involved in drugs, guns, pimping and with incessantly curly-haired lawyer types.

Luis Guzman, will reprise his role from the first film, whilst ‘Uncle Pauly’ Burt Young ["Rockky"] has also snagged a role. Michael Bregman will helm the flick.