Gilmore Girls Set Visit

Gilmore Girls Set Visit

We probably shouldn’t be too surprised that the “Gilmore Girls”; has lasted as long as it has. Sure, from the outset, it looks like just another 42 minute drama, something Australian networks would bury at midnight (come to think of it, their treatment of “Gilmores”; isn’t much better than that), but look a little closer – better still, watch a few episodes, or get out the first season DVD Box Set – and you’ll discover that it’s not only infinitely well-written but superbly performed. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel – the titular ‘Girls’, a mother-and-daughter who have the kind of friendship many could only hope for – are two of the box’s best things at the moment, no butts about it.

It’s ‘Halloween’ time when we visit the WB headquarters of the “Gilmore Girls”; and the large crew is readying the pumpkins and sprucing up the show’s central, Stars Hollow, for the occassion. Apparently it’s one of the lighter episodes of the season that is being worked on.

Bledel and Graham have their work cut out for them this season we’re told. Love triangles, skirmishes, more meddling from Pa and Ma Gilmore….

While on the lot we also popped in over at “ER”. Seems Noah Wyle is packing his bags, so they’re getting ready to bring in some fresh blood over there (Shane West is being primed as the next show frontrunner apparently…or one of them anyway). On a personal it was a bit of a hoot meeting Madchen Amick, who all those years ago set hearts-a-racin’ as lovely Shelly Johnson on “Twin Peaks” now, and by all accounts, seems to be someone the WB is keeping close [She did some “Gilmore Girls” eps a while back too]. What a gorgeous, gorgeous gal.


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