Toolman hankering for Toy Story 3


The original Buzz Lightyear is returning for “Toy Story 3” – if he’s invited.

A few weeks back, it was mooted that Disney were working on a couple more “Toy Story” flicks, but no one from the house of Mouse has called Sir’s Allen or Hanks to get their interest….yet.

"You couldn’t have worded it better than Tom Hanks just worded it," Allen said in an interview while to Sci Fi wire. "I’m not sure that I’m in. … I’m probably more interested based on that comment alone than he is, because I loved those movies. I love those movies. I didn’t like the work at all. It’s really tedious, and it’s really hard, and it’s really lonely, because you work by yourself. I didn’t like it at all. [But] the result of it has paid me back in spades."

"I got so much joy out of being in those movies, and it delighted young kids. You can’t put that in words. Buzz and Woody have become part of American kid lore, and they deserve a third one. They deserve a fourth one. I love these two buddies that care about each other. I like that project so much. I ended up becoming friends with Hanks over it, and that alone is worth it. He’s a sweet, wonderful guy. So it’s tough work. It’s not fun. But I’ve been suggesting to all parties that they should put whatever their problems are behind them and get on with this. I don’t think [Toy Story] belongs to Disney or Pixar. I think it belongs to children and families. It’s a great story, and it’s not abusive or abrasive or questionable at all. It’s about love and caring. I can’t oversell how much that story has meant to me, and I think it deserves [a third film]."

If they go direct to video, what’s the bet they get Patrick Warburton – Allen’s proxy for the animated series – to do the voice?