Moviehole at SXSW : Pre-Festival Report


Tim Basham, 2005, SXSW

In one week filmmakers and film fans from around the world will descend into the heart of Texas for the SXSW Film Festival. With over 170 titles and more than 40 world and U.S. premieres, the twelfth year of the fest is looking to be its strongest yet. (And Moviehole will do its darndest to screen every film and show up at every party—just for you, our loyal readers.)

“The quality out there is among the highest we’ve ever seen, and I think it’s reflected in our program,” said Festival Producer Matt Dentler.

Included in this year’s lineup:
– The World Premiere of “The Wendell Baker Story” starring Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson and Eva Mendes
– Todd Solondz’s “Palindormes” with Ellen Barkin and Jennifer Jason Leigh
– “Unleashed” starring Jet Li
– “The Ring Two” with Naomi Watts
– The World Premiere of “Hooligans” starring Elijah Wood
– “Max & Grace” with “David Krumholtz, Tim Blake Nelson, Lorraine Bracco, Rosanna Arquette and Karen Black
– “All We Are Saying” directed by Rosanna Arquette
– “Dead Sexy” starring Jason Lee and Crispin Glover

Oscar-nominated short films “Everything In This Country Must”, “Guard Dog”, and “7:35 In The Morning” are included in the festival.

“Short films aren’t easily accessible in the mainstream,” explained Dentler. “And for that reason, it’s incredibly vital to find them at festivals like SXSW.”

Jim Taylor, who just received an Oscar for co-writing “Sideways”, will include his film “Lost Cause” in the Reel Shorts competition. Also, Oscar nominee Richard Linklater will take part in one of the many panels during the festival’s conference.

Among the themes represented at the festival this year is “Discoveries from Down Under” in which four films are featured: “Giving It All Away”, the story of philanthropist Sir Roy McKenzie; Pip Mushin’s “Josh Jarman”; “Somersault” and “Thunderstruck”. (More about these in later reports.)