Craven for more of Wes?


Horror Prince Wes Craven (Anyone seen "Music of the Heart"? Geez that Streep’s terrifying!) won’t be taking too much of a break after he finishes his latest film before he sticks himself behind a Nikon again.

First, and on that latest film, interesting to note that UIP’s schedule now lists Craven’s "Red Eye" as "Night Flight". I did a check-in, and apparently "Night Flight" might be the title over on this part of the world. Why?, I do not know. Either way, it’s released in October down under. Some in the industry are claiming it to be Craven’s finest moment in eons.

As well as getting that baby ready, he’s making sure the Project Greenlight-spawned "Feast" is ship-shape, and producing an anticipated remake of "The Hills Have Eyes", to be helmed by Alexandre Aja. It rolls in April.

Next up, remember a little film called "Pulse"? Craven toyed with the idea of doing the film two-three years ago, but it’s balloon was popped at the last minute when Miramax decided it was closer to a Xerox of "The Ring" than it was it’s own movie. Now, apparently the movie’s form has been tweaked a bit – and it’ll happen this May. It will film in Romania. The project is officially a-go with "Feast" lads Joel Soisson and Mike Leahy producing.

And finally, any chance of a "Cursed 2"? Craven tells Fangoria magazine that if film makes money, and he is asked to come back and direct he’d tell the studio "Good Luck", but he doesn’t want the gig.

On a side note, Bloody Disgusting have a spot up where you can download the treatment for "Freddy vs.Jason vs.Ash" – yup, the film that’ll never happen.

Thanks to ‘Spencer’, ‘Marianne’