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Which girls will play the Witch Girls?

According to the Denorarules website, some notable names from the world of sci-fi are being tossed about for roles in the looming "Witch Girls Tales" movie.

Claudia Christian, best known for either getting hear gear off or starring in TV’s "Babylon 5", is up for the role of fun loving socialite witch, Helena.

John Noble, from "Lord of the Rings", has expressed interest in playing the role of witch hunter Deacon Black, as has Vladamir Kulich ["Angel"].

Angelica Bridges, from "Mortal Kombat", is the frontunner for the role of the wickedest witch of all time, Denora. Former "Buffy" star Robin Riker is also interested in the role, says the site.

Finally, Janette, Annabelle and the other girls will be played by unknowns. There’s a casting search going on as we speak.

The film, predicted to be as popular as "Harry Potter", is rumoured to be eyeing on a Texas shoot.

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