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Dame Judi Dench on the next 007

The New York Post spoke to Judi Dench, ‘M’ from the recent Bond blockies, who had something interesting to say about who’ll be playing the next James Bond.

Clive? Daniel? Ioan? Hugh? Pauly? Nope – Dame Judi seems to think that Pierce Brosnan is indeed going to be in front of a lens for "Casino Royale".

Says the actress, "Despite the fact that everyone on the face of the Earth has been tested as his possible replacement, he’ll be doing it again, and it’ll be announced come summer."

Interestingly enough, one of the men rumoured to be replacing Brosnan, Daniel Craig, announced last week that such rumours were inaccurate.

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if EON recruits the chesty Brosnan back – if even due to the internet backlash arising from his tasteless dumping from the franchise.

Watch this creamy coloured space.

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