Moviehole MailBag – 28/4/05


I’m on assignment at the moment, so please excuse the smaller – not that that means anything – mailbag. I’ll respond to more of your queries, comments, whines and poems back on home ground.

This Week, it seems I’ve had about a hundred emails since the first look at Brandon Routh’s Superlad hit the highway. Most people seem either interested in my opinion or announcing their intent to go to battle against the Brothers Warner.

So firstly to my opinion – what do I think? Whilst I admit the guy in tights didn’t razzle-dazzle me, I will say – Bryan Singer has kept his promise and stuck to the ‘classic’ look. Everything about this film smells Classic tribute – the clothes, the storyline, the hair, the goggles, the S. I guess people expected to see something a little ‘cooler’ than what we’ve seen before though, and well, we haven’t really got that have we? It’s essentially the old suit with a bit of extra cross-stitching. Still, I think the most important thing is the movie – and if it delivers, they can dress Superman up in an Alvin and the Chipmunks T-Shirt and have him wear Kiwi Moccasins, for all I care. Still, keep the comments coming – I’m sure Bryan Singer’s checking the web to see what people think of the guy in Blue.

Let’s tuck into ‘some’ of this week’s email..

Great movie, “The Extra”. Like to know how I can get a poster of the extra.

Will see what I can do. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

Hey Moviehole,
Are you going to talk about the backlash on the new superman suit?
Mad Fan

Hmm, well….Didn’t the guy always wear his undies on the outside?

Hey , I just saw the new pic of Brandon Routh in the new suit. What happened to the new silver “s” I’m not crazy about this new suit, I was expecting something different? What do you think of it?

Can’t say it leapt out at me either….but Bryan Singer wanted the suit to have a ‘classic’ look and I guess he’s done just that. As for the silver S – maybe they’ll save that for later on in the movie? Hard to say.

In regards to the new Superman costume, I have to say that I am quite disappointed. It’s too dark!. Not only does it look dirty, but it looks like the "Bad Superman" from Superman 3. Part of the magic of Superman’s costume is the colours. I am highly anticipating the movie, but this new costume has taken a lot of the wind out of my sails. What do you think of it?

Maybe the picture was captured on someone’s cheap mobile phone? Colour’s never quite as vibrant.

Do you think the rumors going around that Warner Brothers is starting to second guess “Superman Returns” since the photo of the new suit came out? What do you think WB thinks about all of the negativity concerning the suit? As usual, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. It means A lot that you take such an interest.

I’m missing “The Next Top Model”, but ah, heck, I’m happy to miss a Tyra tanty to answer a question. Anytime. I don’t think Warner Brothers is too worried –don’t believe everything you hear – if anything, they’re as excited as Pinhead at an acupuncture conference. The only thing I have heard is that the studio are ecstatic with the Clark Kent pics that emerged. If anyone from the house of WB is reading, feel free to drop us an email though and let us know what the feeling is – on the inside.

Why you make Superman wear stupid darned suit! It look stupid…You should be shamed! Fool!

Yeah because I, myself, got the sewing machine out and strung some fleece and snapped up some el-cheapo red undies for my good friend Clark. Something to consider as you swallow your pill with a glass of water tonight. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

I just want you to call Bryan Singer and tell him we are not happy. Can you do that for me?

Sure. Can you spare some change for the phone? – Maybe in return you can drop in on Vin Diesel’s agent for me and slog him in the schnoz, fair?

What’s the status of “The Three Stooges” movie? And the “Dragon’s Lair” prequel?
Paul Smith

About as much to report on that as an Australian news station would a state fair in Kuwait. Not much movement on either unfortunately. I hear the Farrelly’s are still keen to get Russell Crowe involved in the “Stooges” flick though.

I only wanted to say that "Sin City" will premiere in Argentina in august too (the 4th), so I don’t think that they want to do something with the stars. I think it’s most probable that the distribution decided to wait and see how it went in the US before prepare a massive world distribution.

Right you may be young Padawan. Wait they must for naked Carla Gugino.

Hey Clint,
They announced that there is going to be a “White Noise 2”…so my question is what is the story going to be…Mr.Keaton in a T.V?

My answer to you then, is : Keaton has yet to sign for the sequel yet – I think they’re still tossing around ideas for it, so there’s no guarantee he’s even in it. My gut tells me it’ll be a bunch of new characters in the second serving.

I just watched midnight preview of “XXX2” two days ago…..and its so great I loved it even better than James bond…….did u watch it? I can’t wait for the third but Samuel Jackson should stay.

You still at Sony? In all seriousness, Sam Jackson is staying; it’s the “XXX” agent that’s going to be interchanged each movie. Dame Judi Dench for the next XXX, I say…."I’ll finish my tea, then I’ll strangle you with the pot"…

Hi My Man,
Nothing More, Nothing Less…….please tell me all The Rocks future projects?

“Doom”, “Spy Hunter”, “Ride Along”, “Gridiron Gang”, “Johnny Bravo”, “Instant Karma”, “Southland Tales”. I could tell you that he’s circling “Species Human” and “Sub-Mariner”, as well, but you did ask for ‘Nothing More’, so I won’t……

About Spike, and Angel…I think I’d like to see Spike made human, (or bewitched with a spell so he looks more human) so he can get older-seeing as James Marsters isn’t going to stop getting older if he keeps breathing. Id also like to see (or maybe just hear, like Charlie, in Charlie’s Angels) more of Andy Hallett, green or not…I miss Lorne/the Host on Angel. If we just hear him, like Charlie-he could still be Lorne…just not green. 0 hours in make-up.
WB, what do you think? I’d watch.

Well,.. WB?

Hi! I was wondering if you had any information or could comment on the following.
As I understand it, Eliza Dushku decided to do “Tru Calling” instead of the Faith spin-off so she could try a different character. Since “Tru Calling” has been cancelled, has there been any renewed talk of the Faith spin-off?
There didn’t seem to be any bad blood between her and Joss Whedon regarding her decision to do “Tru Calling”, as I understood it, so what would be stopping this? It would have no effect on any Spike-centric projects, as the Faith spin-off was rumoured not to include any other Buffyverse characters. Although Eliza Dushku and James Marsters together in a spin-off … pure heaven!
Anything? Even wild speculation would be appreciated, if it keeps my hopes alive!

Funnily enough, and despite the fact that, yep, “Tru Calling” is gone; there’s been no chat about the “Faith” spin-off. I think Joss has gone and got himself busier than a Mr Whippy at the beach – what with “Serenity” and “Wonder Woman” – so don’t count on him having the time to organize said spin-off. It’s still a good idea though…here’s my fingers crossing for you. Cling.

I’m an Italian fan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and I have just created a new Site Web or Fan List about the future Spike Spin-off or Movie. Enjoy

As soon as I finish here on – I’ll come have a squiz.

Hey, I just gotta say, I am a HUGE fan of the entire “Buffy” series, but I hate the character of Spike, and cannot believe that is the only possibility of a spin-off whether it be a movie or not. I never cared much for the Angel series, but once they put Spike on that show I never watched it again. I know I am in the minority, but I just don’t get how people like such a dull character, when in fact what made his character was the other characters in the show. Is there any news on the Buffy animated series? I’d rather see that then a Spike movie

You’re the first blondie basher we’ve had. I think the fans still outweigh you…..I dunno, maybe we could set up a jelly wrestling competition? As for the animated “Buffy” series – it’s a goer. [A couple of people have asked me to expand….yes, the show is being made, but as for whether it’s going to get a run….who knows. We need a network to pick it up. Tony Head recently said : "…it IS being made and the scripts are really, really good." Here’s crossing everything that a network picks it up soon or, at the very least, it gets a DVD outing.]

What inspired Mr. Howard to cast Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon in “The Da Vinci Code” adaptation, that’s a huge miss-match and I bet my future first born, I’m not the only one that thinks so. I read once that Mr.Dan Brown had the final say in casting and that he wanted Ralph Fiennes cast as our collegiate code champ, what happened there? Ralphy next to a young Mr. Ford couldn’t be a better choice!

Brown had the right of refusal in casting, so although Hanks might seem wrong for the part (haven’t read the book myself – my wife has), the author approved it. Ralph Fiennes, Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, and Russell Crowe were also rumoured to have been on Ron Howard’s wish-list at one time. I guess Hanks equals box office dollars these days. Think of it this way – Howard likes to get his pals into his pics….a few years back it could’ve been The Fonz deciphering Leonardo’s art.

Hey man,
Just thought I’d drop you a line. I saw part of that "Fink!" movie the other day! FUCKIN’ ROCKS! I was with an editor @ Frame Set and Match and he showed me the trailer and a scene where Steve Bastoni and Sam Worthington take out a petrol station attendant. This flick looks so cool! I love it! Also, FYI… this guy told me that the writer/director was shooting another flick in September – and a huge cast is attaching, including some of the guys from FINK!

I “Fink” a good Aussie movie may be on the way?

First I want to say I think your site is very cool.
I have two questions for you. First is I have been a fan of the “Rocky” movies for a long time and would like to see “Rocky 6” get made. For while now I have heard many rumours about it happing and then nothing happens. I know part of the “Rocky 6” script was put into SLY magazine and there are rumours of Sony having interest in making it now. What I would like to know is if and when is “Rocky 6” going to get made. My second question is I thought I heard special editions of the first four “Batman” movies are supposed to be coming out. When are they due in stores?

Firstly, to your Batman question. There’s little info on those deluxe “Batman” discs besides the fact that they’re supposed to be crammed with more extras than a Ridley Scott movie. As for a release date – still up in the air, I imagine they’ll be released around the same time as the “Batman Begins” DVD streetdate.
As for “Rocky 6”, no release date there – because Stallone still hasn’t found a studio willing to take on the movie. Yep, “Garfield 2” can get made, but something fans are hungry for…..nope.

Hey Clint, I just wanted to ask you about a possible Kill Bill DVD release that would have the two movies as one four hour movie. Also if this is true ..would the DVD be uncut?
Thanks again Clint – your the best
Doc Sam

No word on whether the two films will be released as one on DVD, but Tarantino is readying the release of a 4-hr movie for theatres. Before the end of the year, you’ll all have a chance to experience real buttock pain.

To whom it may concern,
I am very interested in buying the movie “Atomic twister” on DVD.. I got your site on a search.
Please replay

Please replay? Um…..Ok…” To whom it may concern, I am very interested in buying the movie “Atomic twister” on DVD. I got your site on a search.”….Oh, reply!?….It doesn’t look like “Atomic Twister” is available on DVD anywhere, I’m sorry to say.

Hey Clint. Big fan of the site. anyway’s I was wondering, have u heard anything about an earnest prequel without Jim Varney coming out on direct to DVD? That would be very odd. Well have u?

No, I’ve never heard of such a plan – but geez man, you know how to scare a guy…are these ideas playing in your interior cinemaplex?

I have for many years now trying to find a video or dvd of ANZACS the mini series in PAL format.
Can you help?

I’ve had a lot of questions about ANZACS actually and have answered the correspondence before in the Mailbag (hopefully you’ve discovered it?). Here’s the most recent mail response : “If you have a multi-region player, you can order "Anzacs" from EzyDVD”.

where can I purchase “Josh Jarman” on DVD in Melbourne?

Nowhere – it’s getting a cinema release first.

Hi Clint
First time writer but long time reader. You have a great site. Very informative (and Australian too!) I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with.
1)Was there ever a soundtrack to the original Highlander film?
2)What’s the release date on the Australian zombie film In The Blood?
3)What is the release date for the dvd release of Clone Wars in Australia?
Many thanks

Hi Michelle,
Welcome to the nuthouse!. Thanks for your benefaction…help yourself to the free complimentary in-house photocopier and some beer nuts.
OK – I’ve got some answers comin’ your way. Yep, there was a soundtrack to “Highlander”, but your best bet is to buy the Queen Album “A Kind of Magic”, which features all of the tracks that appeared in the movie. You can get it at Amazon, No word on a release date yet for “In the Blood”. I hear they’re been having small screenings in certain areas though, and finally, “The Clone Wars : Vol 1” – just checked it out the other night actually – is now available to buy. You can order it here.

I am trying to find a DVD of the Bryce Courtney story “The Power of One” that is compatible with UK systems. The only copies I have so far found are from the USA. You appear to be in Australia. Do you stock this DVD and if so is it UK compatible?

I appear to be in Australia, hey? Was it the flip-flips, tank-top and esky under my arm that gave me away? EzyDVD stocks “The Power of One”, it’s an Australian version, but yes, it should work in your UK player.

Just got three questions for ya my first question is Why is Hollywood giving us remakes..remakes suck I don’t watch em or have anything to do with em has Hollywood ran outta good ideas? Yeah remakes make some what good money the only reason Amityville was 1# was because it was the only wide released movie a week or so ago but still they should leave those older movies alone there time went and has passed and I’m pissed off that they are gonna remake The Birds that’s one of my favs now they are gonna screw it up pisses me off even more because I cant stand nor do I like Michael Bay he isn’t my first choice for “Transformers” or “The Birds” Remake what’s next a JAWS remake what about a “Jurassic Park” remake when will Hollywood remake “Jurassic Park” or Jaws for another buck? My second question is I really like “The Spider-Man” movies I just wanna know if by any chance will Black Cat be in the third movie?

The only thing I can say – about the remake frenzy – is “Mannequin”, coming to a theatre near you 2006. Ah, that’s a joke – to further amplify just how dry the idea well is there in Burbank. I guess studios think remaking films that were successful first time around is a far less risky move than going for something fresh, funky and full of chance. Yep, the news about “The Birds” remake had me pooping white on my signed Michael Bay pic too.
As for the Black Cat in “Spider-Man 3” – I doubt it, there’s going to be enough rogue’s for our webbed mate to deal with.
As for the answer to your third question………can’t give one….a response to a blank space is the hardest thing I’ve ever been asked

Hey Clint,
How on earth do you find the time to run a comprehensive website – and answer this Mailbag! – when you work a full time job and so on! You must really love doing this site or something….I don’t think I’d have the energy!

Red Bull gives you wings mate. Seriously, I think most folks running websites these days have to have the full time jobs as well – unless, of course, they fancy eating carrot sticks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You keep comin’ back….and I’ll come home from work, shower, shave, and get straight into updates for you.