Angel star gets the chop


Former "Amgel" star Amy Acker has a new ‘work wanted’ billboard wrapped around her. Seems the talented brunette has been dropped from the forthcoming series "The Unit", according to E Online.

"I guess she is no longer a part of that show", says she site. "So sorry, I didn’t know. Just heard from her rep that: "She’s been vacationing in Europe, and they have opted to go in another direction from the original pilot." Hmph".

A scooper on a Blog mentioned this a few days back. "Just arrived back from the Quo’toth con which Amy was a guest. She was soo lovely and just brill. Amy told us though that CBS has recasted her role in ‘The Unit’, couldn’t believe it when she told us. Sooo looking forward to seeing that and Amy was really disappointed as she would have started filming next week. Bastards CBS", says the post. "Also Amy said that she was talking to Joss [Whedon] a couple of weeks ago and he said movies are definately on the cards, just don’t know when".

The Hour long show, which looks at the life of Delta Force agents, is scheduled for mid-season. It stars Scott Foley and Dennis Haysbert.