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Another Aussie up for 007?

There’s a reason there’s steam coming out of Julian McMahon’s ears.

Fellow Aussie Alex O’Lachlan is apparently also now in the race to play suave spy Jimmy B in the forthcoming "Casino Royale", says The Sunday Herald Sun, and if age has anything to do with it – the rumour mill says EON are chasing a Young Gun for the role – he’s in with a chunkier chance than the "Fantastic Four" rogue.

28-year-old O’Lachlan recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a film career, and has apparently been talking to the troops behind the Bond blockbusters there about filling out Pierce Brosnan’s old Tux.

O’Lachlan, who is repped by ICM, recently starred in the critically acclaimed "The Oyster Farmer". He next appears in "Feed", with Jack Thompson, which tells of a cybercrime investigator (Thompson) who tracks a man (O’Lachlan) suspected of force-feeding women to death.

Still, from what I’m hearing, Ioan Gruffudd is still the fave to slap on the 007 cufflinks.

Meanwhile, reports that the film might be a one-locale flick – unlike the other Bond’s which seemingly use a dozen different cities or countries – filmed solely in South Africa.

The site also had a chat to Graham Rye, the publisher of the 007 magazine, this week, and asked him what he thinks EON should do with the 007 franchise.

"I would certainly avoid the title Casino Royale like the plague in the first place. It probably doesn’t mean anything to the cinemagoing public, but if it does it’s the bad memory of the 1967 spoof version. and believe me, when the new Casino Royale movie opens, every film magazine and newspaper on the planet will resurrect the 1967 spoof by running stills of the film together with the Barry Nelson TV play alongside the new movie—not a comparison anyone will enjoy, I’m sure", explains. "If I was in control of the franchise I’d cast Pierce Brosnan in a remake of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and You Only Live Twice (based more on the themes featured in Ian Fleming’s novel), and film them back-to-back in the correct order".

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