Elliot planting another Crop


Seems your film only has to get a five-day limited release outing to be eligible for the sequel status these days.

George Elliot, writer of last year’s Australian comedy "The Crop", says he’s penned a sequel to the pot-themed pisser.

"I have been playing around with the sequel to The Crop. It is a pretty light-hearted script, taking us into the world of illegal casinos in the ’80s. It is a bit of a romp", Elliot tells the AAP.

"The Crop", co-starring Holly ‘Bring it on Baby, Yeah!’ Brisley, recently picked up the prize for best international feature film at the New York International Film Festival and Elliot says he’s had a lot of interest from overseas distributors.

"It was a huge learning curve for me because I got a really good insight into how these international distribution deals work," he said of attending this year’s Cannes Film Festival industry market. I am in talks with a couple of other companies."

Elliot is also was keen to see one of his novels made into a feature film.

"As far as the serious film goes, I would really like to move on to be able to produce Final Custody," he said.

"That is a much bigger project, a much more serious film. I really wanted a lot more experience under my belt before I tackled that."