The Prophecy : Uprising (DVD)


“Economical but effective effects, solid performances, slick editing, and impressive direction” – Clint Morris

The Prophecy : Uprising (DVD)

Kari Wuhrer, John Light, Sean Pertwee, Jason London, Doug Bradley

Just like a post-shower rainbow, Dimension’s latest “Prophecy” sequel is something you’ve seen time and time again – but will indubitably still hold your attention while it’s splendour dominates your vision.

In “The Prophecy” (1995), a reluctant man of the cloth goes up against the infamous evil agent Gabriel, whose in town to collect a soul which will end the stalemated war in Heaven. Like termites chewing away at the bottom of an abode, Gabriel was a little stubborn – and flew back for a couple more stints.

Seen by some – those who spend their weekends scouting the horror shelves, mostly – as the genre counterpart to the faintly more gainful “Terminator” trilogy, Dimension’s similarly themed “Prophecy” series is inarguably still seen as one of the few gems in the studio’s horror crown. Well-written, rightly paced, and performed with savour by the always-dependable Christopher Walken, the three films in the series had more kick than a cold Mitsubishi on a chilly Sunday morning.

Regrettably the incessantly-busy Walken had changed his number by the time the studio got thinking about a fourth instalment – and as such, is nowhere to be seen in the belated fourth chapter. Still, and though it doesn’t quite serve as a memory-wipe, there’s an intriguing enough-yarn and a band of interesting foxes here, that’ll it’ll help you forget about The Hessian Horseman’s no-show.

Evil Angels are again the headline act in “The Prophecy: Uprising”. Kari Wuhrer – surely a member of the board at Dimension now, right? – Plays a normal Jane who finds herself in a rather extraordinary situation when the neighbourhood priest drops dead and she finds next to him a mystical scroll of words – a ‘Lexicon’ bible.

Simon, a man you can’t see, informs our reader that as the custodian of the volume you now hold the fate of humanity in your hands. In other words, don’t drop your read in the lap of a loopy serial killer.

Yes, trouble ensues. Yes, the cemetery’s populace fattens.

When Diet Coke added Lemon to their mix it felt ‘new’, ‘fresh’, and entirely ‘something different’ – even though we knew it was made up mainly of the same dim, highly caffeinated fizz we’ve been consuming for years. Director Joel Soisson does the same for “Prophecy : Uprising”, taking an otherwise unremarkable anecdote and adding a mix of unsullied, absorbing ingredients to the mix. It mightn’t feel like the carry-over of the previous films – or even a chapter in the same franchise – but it’s a captivating yarn, all the same.

Economical but effective effects, solid performances, slick editing, and impressive direction – can only be another ‘been than a multiplex offering’ straight-to-disc sequel, right? Dimension – you’re making the biggies look bad. Keep it up.

The studio plays Santa in the extras stakes too. There’s an engrossing commentary from commentary by Soisson, Wuhrer, and make-up and effects man Gary Tunnicliffe, some extended and deleted scenes, auditions, a thorough making-of, and piccies.

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Reviewer : Clint Morris