Tony Martin going to BoyTown


Mick Molloy and Tony Martin are coming together again

The Herald Sun reports that former radio unit Mick Molloy and Tony Martin are coming together again – sans the panel, carts and ad-breaks.

Martin – not surprisingly, it’s a mates thing – will film a cameo in funnyman Molloy’s next flick “BoyTown”, about a boy band of the 80’s who are trying to launch a comeback. Molloy will play Glenny G, a Hawke-era pop superstar turned suburban schoolteacher who, after hearing a cover version of one of his songs on the radio, decides to have another crack at the big time. [No word on whether ex-bandmates from “RatCat” or “Kids in the Kitchen” are serving as script supervisors].

Bob Franklin, and “Crash Burn” co-star Wayne Hope have also signed on to do their thing.

According to Dark Horizons, the film, written by brothers Mick and Richard Molloy, might also be interested in the comedic talents of Glenn Robbins, Stephen Curry and Jason Donovan, to play the other members of the band.

As long as I get my band member as an over-eager community radio show host of the 1980’s – It’s got my vote. Will await your call Mick.