Interview : Vaughn Armstrong


Boldly going where he has gone before

Vaughn Armstrong, an actor who has had the honor of appearing in near every “Star Trek” series, fresh from a Convention appearance in Melbourne, has been struck down with a very-unwelcome cold. The trooper that he is though, he still agrees to chat “Enterprise” with CLINT MORRIS.

When did your association with “Star Trek” begin?

I first auditioned for the role of Riker in the pilot of Next Generation almost 18 years ago. Needles to say…I didn’t get it. My first role was the role of Korris, the Klingon in the Heart of Glory, also the first season of Next Generation.

Is it true that the role of Admiral Forrest, in “Enterprise”, was written with you in mind?

I don’t think so. I went in to audition for the role ambassador Savol.

Ah. You played multiple characters on the show, didn’t you? How was that?

Not really [hard]. Hard is digging ditches. I love acting and the preparation it takes. Each character has different personal needs and personality traits. Each has a different evolution. I wish I could have done two different roles on the same episode. That would have been a wonderful challenge. The good thing about film is you can always go back and fix something if it isn’t right. All you have to do is stop the camera and say “take two.” The trick is knowing when it isn’t right the first time.

Who did you enjoy working with most on the series?

Scott Bakula. He is the finest gentleman and most professional actor I’ve worked with in any capacity on any show.

Were you disappointed when the series ended?

Of course! I’ve got those kids in college.

Where do you see the franchise going now?

I think they should give it a rest for a few years to build up some anticipation. I think we were a bit inundated with two new shows airing episodes every week and two in reruns. When Next Gen came along it had been some time since anybody had seen anything new. They’d been watching reruns of a show that only had three years of episodes. Now we’ve got plenty to suffice for a while. What it will be when it comes along in it’s new incarnation, I’ve no idea. But I hope they include me somehow….if I’m still alive.

You worked on an episode of “Quantum Leap”. Did u get to know Scott well then?

No. I worked one day when I played Donald Trump’s father in the back of a taxi. He was the driver. But we did have mutual friends and a reason to chat. The strange thing is that he remembered me when I saw him again on the Enterprise set 8 or 10 years later. That’s Scott.

Is it true you’ve got a blues band with your co-stars?

Yes! And it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. We could be together for a very long time. We open in Germany for around 2000 people at the Galileo 7 convention next weekend. I have Casey Biggs, Richard Herd, Steve Rankin, Ron B. Moore (the 5 time emmy award winning special effect director of the show) and Bill Jones. Bill is the only member of the band that didn’t get to do Star Trek. But he’s a wonderful actor. And these guys are great musicians! We are having a ball. If any one would like to hear some sound bites, or chat, or see an early rehearsal that filmed in my garage,or order a CD, they should log on to It’s a great site engineered by Diane Taylor.

Was it great to have your own ‘featurette’ on the ‘Enterprise’ DVD?

You know, I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know what season it’s on. But, Yes! It’s great. They tell me I have one on the [next] Enterprise release, too. I’d like to see them both.

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