Sheriff Brackett back for Halloween 9?


Co-star of the original back for 8th sequel?

Charles Cyphers, who played in the original “Halloween”, tells Dread Central that he might be reprising his role as Sheriff Brackett for the forthcoming “Halloween : Retribution”.

“They’ve been talking about it, so we’ll see.” he told the site, “I’m about the only one left that hasn’t been killed, so now they’re digging real deep down.”

Producers of the Ninth “Halloween” movie, the Weinstein Brothers, rumoured to be centering on a relative of Dr.Loomis’s, have apparently also been in talks with a few other actors, including Gina Phillips, for roles in the new film.

According to The Gateway, the film is set for a release sometime in 2006.

Cyphers, whose currently filming a part in the upcoming horror flick “Sin-Jin Smyth”, didn’t have much news on the project, so the site states he could indeed be being chased down for a role in the rumoured “Halloween” remake?