Is anyone Craven for Scream 4?


Wes certaintly isn’t.

The Mask may be getting a dust-off, but not with Wes Craven holding the rag.

Ecran Large caught up with the famed filmmaker and asked him whether the rumours of a “Scream 4” are true.

Craven says they are – but don’t expect him to be anywhere near it’s clapperboard. “I had a lunch with Neve [Campbell] where she told me Dimension Film offered her to reprise her role in Scream 4. I was totally surprised because nobody has ever mentioned such a project to me”.

As we reported a couple of weeks back, Campbell indeed had an offer – but she’s passed on the film. Instead, Courteney Cox and David Arquette will have lead billing in the film.

Craven continued, “But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think it would be a wise decision to do a 4th Scream. First because I think everything has already been told within the first three movies and I don’t want to make the one more that would be the wrong one. And second because Dimension won’t really be interested in contacting me right now just after the troubles we had on Cursed.”

It’s believed “Scream” is one of a few franchises that the newly formed Weinstein Company want to get going again. They’re also toying with bringing back the long-running “Halloween” and “Hellraiser” series.