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We haven’t done this for a while

We haven’t taken a peek into the bucket of corn syrup for a while, so let’s do the ‘horror film’ update dance…

Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Veteran Australian actor Harold Hopkins, known for his roles in such classics as “The Club”, “Gallipoli” and “Brides of Christ”, has joined the cast of “Nightmares and Dreamscapes”, the new Stephen King telemovie series, being filmed in Melbourne. He co-stars with William H.Macy.

The Fog
Sony Corp.’s horror film “The Fog,” a remake of a 1980 thriller, opened as the No. 1 movie in U.S. and Canadian theaters with an estimated $12.2 million in ticket sales. You watch how many other old John Carpenter movies get the remake treatment now (starting with “Halloween”).

According to, the special effects for James Gunn’s upcoming monster-mash will be are being created on the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art campus by Kleiser Walczak Studios. “Actually, it’s a pretty gross movie,” said Marie Trudeau, Kleiser Walczak’s public relations manager. “There are lots of visual effects in it, so it’s really an effects-driven movie. … They can only make it real to a point using rubber suits or any kind of make-up. They can only make it so gory. Then, it really needs some special effects done to it.” The company also recently shot a scene for “Fantastic Four” – but it was cut from the movie. The scene was a “crazy morph” from Mr. Fantastic to Wolverine, as requested by the head of the studio, 20th Century Fox. “But everyone on our team was glad that they didn’t put it in the movie,” said producer Amanda Roth, “because it seemed weird to all of us that he would morph from being a comic book character from one comic book to a comic book character from another series.”

Black Sheep
According to The Age, the comedy-horror film “Black Sheep”, from first-time filmmaker Jonathan King, about genetically engineered sheep running amok, to be shot in Wellington next year, will be the first project financed under a new alliance between a Korean company and a New Zealand film house. The script is apparently very funny.

Doom 2
SciFi Wire says “Doom” stars Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike may do a sequel – but nothing’s set in store yet. “It would be nice if there was a sequel, but we have nothing planned,” Producer John Wells said in an interview. But, he added, “we certainly did sit in Prague [where the movie was shot] a few times and talk about the possibility of it.” The Rock might also return, if there is one. “We’ve talked about it, and it’s possible [I could come back],” Johnson said. Wells added: “We had a blast working with Dwayne. We would love to do another picture with him, and if he wanted to do the next Doom, I’m sure we could figure it out.” Let’s wait and see how the first one does first, hey?

Resident Evil 3 : Afterlife
A casting agent told me today that the third “Resident Evil” movie is – as rumoured – headed for Australia. It’s set to film next month. Expect lots of talented Australian actors to be wasted in three-second cameos as Zombies.