So who’s going to be the female Bond?


The latest on “Daisy Scarlett : Semper Occultus”

The long-planned female Bond film, “Daisy Scarlett : Semper Occultus”, is nearing closer to production.

Producers of the film, set for principal photography in January, are believed to be making an announcement soon in regards to who’ll be strapping on the gun holster of spunky MI6 agent, Scarlett.

Word has strongly suggested Naomi Watts as a firm favourite for producers and interest has been there from the start. However, deeper delving has unearthed “Species” and “Whole Nine Yards” star Natasha Henstridge as a contender.

Sienna Miller and Keira Knightly requested to read the script a couple of months back, but it’s Henstridge whose name we keep hearing. Having starred in the spy-series “She Spies”, she’ll probably know her way around a covert operation too.

Hugo Speer [“The Interpreter”] and Mikki Padilla have just signed onto the project, playing MI6 Agent Farrell, a dark character, who has a recurring role in subsequent films, and FBI Agent Mackenna, the female villain, respectively. Demi Moore was rumoured to be up for the role of Mackenna, but sources tell us that was false.

Roles have also been rumoured to have been written for Donnie Yen and Kelly Brook.

Directing duties are yet to be approved, but we do know Kathryn Bigelow and Joe Carnahan were in good talks with producers Ben Trebilcook and Peter Granger-Bevan for a while there. Matthew Vaughn and Paul Verhoeven are current names being banded around various London and LA production offices in association the project.

The project is set to lens in London, Paris South Africa and Morroco and expected for release in November / December 06.