From Dragonheart to the Devil


New cast aboard Moore’s “Omen” remake

Esteemed gents of the cinema, David Thewlis [“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”] and Pete Postlethwaite [“Dark Water”] have joined the cast of “The Omen” remake, “The Omen 666”, reports Fangoria.

Thewlis plays the role David Warner did in the original – Yep, the chap that loses his head – whilst Postlethwaite will play dagger-wielding exorcist Bugenhagen, played by Leo McKern in the vintage original.

Thewlis and Postlethwaite worked together on the fantasy adventure “Dragonheart” a few moons back.

The film, now showing in Prague, stars Liev Schrieber, Julia Stiles, and Mia Farrow.