Moviehole MailBag – 26/10/05


Just the facts, Jack.

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, and welcome back to the Moviehole MailBag for yet another week where you ask the hard questions, and we pull our hair out trying to answer them. We Love It 😉
Adam Weeks here reporting the devious lies and half-truths that circulate our readers innermost gossip monger, and to start things off this week, Clint asked ya’ll last time what that Russian Gobbledygook in his Inbox meant. One of our faithful readers took him to task:

Russian to English – fortunately, my wife and I used to be spooks: I speak Polish, but she speaks Russian.
The text is roughly a solicitation for (I would think) illegal information from a tax pension fund (from January of 2002 to December of 2004. It is 4.65 gb information on the incomes of the physical persons of Moscow and Moscow region. Information, on more than 36 million people’s incomes. Possibilities of the information archive of the tax inspection: . data bank on Jurassic to the persons and PBOYul (that means entrepreneurs) – sources of income
Real translation = junk mail

Damn, I thought it was gonna be some hot Moscow based girly trying to get in touch with me, and she buzzed the boss by mistake……

I was wondering if the new “Highlander” sequel—“Highlander: The Source” will head to theaters or direct-to-video? I saw that Lions Gate films picked up the rights over here in the US. Any word?

And the survey says – Possibly. From what I know (and the boss can correct me on this), “The Source” is actually part of a stand alone trilogy concept. My guess is that it will all depend on what the final product looks like. I know that the powers that be have long had a lot of faith in Adrian Paul to resurrect the franchise, so who knows – might be the best thing since the first one!

Hi Clint…so long as you’re takin’ questions…has there been any movement on a “Preacher” movie? I’m a huge fan of the graphics and it’s actually a movie I’d like to see Ben Affleck in (although last I heard Scott Marsden was penciled in…). I also heard Rachel Talalay was going to stop doing tv-director-for-hire work to direct.
Aitch Jae Esse

Subtle name there pal 😉
Ben Affleck! That would be…. Interesting casting to say the least! Latest on the long-awaited “Preacher” film is absolutely zero. I had heard that the last script draft that was turned in was absolute shite, and based on a huge amount of frustration in attempting to get the ball rolling, it’s been indefinitely shelved.

I had two questions: .Is the last episode of “Angel” gonna go to DVD? Not the season, just the last episode, and if the “Spike” telemovie is also going to be on DVD?
PS.and if you know the release date for the “Spike” telemovie

From what certain industry types have told me, individual “Angel” DVD’s are still a fair while off, due to only moderate sales of the “Buffy” specials. In other words, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it at this point. As far as the adventures of “Spike” go, I’ve still got my doubts that this will ever see the light of day, so as for a TV airing date – no idea. I would imagine that if it is ever made and released, it would probably find its way to DVD.

I saw your name on one of the Stallone comments boxes on web pages of “Rambo” , I am a writer and have written much on Stallone as a past life nature in relation to Rambo.
As your web site gave an email to send info to , I would like to submit this draft and a few others on “Rambo” and other films I have analysed , from a more spiritual perspective.
If it is possible could you send this to Sylvester Stallone himself , it may give him greater awareness to himself physically and spiritually.
Naturally I write from an astrological perspective as I study astrology myself , but more from the Indian and Tibetan………..

And it actually goes on like this for another 5,000 words…… Paras, without sounding too harsh, you may want to consult both a Dictionary, and probably Microsoft Word when it starts shrieking at you over Grammatical errors before you start submitting scripts to anyone. I appreciate that you’ve obviously got a fair amount of passion for Sly & Astrology in general, but I dare say that the next “Rambo” installment will be more of the “Bang Bang” variety than the philosophical discussion about the ramifications of belief in ancient Gods style…

Clinton … My friend,
I was wondering if you could tell me anything about Greendays’ “American Idiot: The Movie”. I heard this a while back when Greenday were doing press and interviews after the critical acclaim and Grammy that they received for their bloody great album. I read that somebody was penning a script to bring some of the characters such as St. Jimi & Jesus of Suburbia etc to life.
But I haven’t heard anything since then and its been about 6 months or so. Any news around the traps mate?
Sam Koko ….

Hey Sam. I think that the “movie” will actually be more of a special feature on a tour DVD that the band is planning on putting out soon-ish. But it’s true, the “Day” do indeed rock.

What’s the status on the new “Tekken” movie? Will it start filming anytime this year and what do I have to do to stop Uwe Boll from turning good video games into crappy movies, because I lost all respect for him when he turned “House Of The Dead” into a piece of garbage and I heard about the new “Bloodrayne” movie he’s doing and I’m already starting to have a bad feeling about that.

Welcome back Menace! If the rumors are to be believed, “Tekken” should start filming this December, with an eye for release sometime around June / July. Easy way for Uwe Boll to stop making films is for people to stop going to see them “Just in case they suck”. No box-office = No Directing gigs.

What was the real story behind Tom Welling not getting cast in “Superman Returns”?
That Dork On The Computer

There really wasn’t any story behind the casting. But my train of thought is this: If Welling had been cast, chances are everyone would assume that it was going to be “Smallville: The Movie”, rather than a fresh film series. Whether that’s a bad thing or not is up for debate, but I’m holding of on any opinion until I catch it myself.

Hey Adam,
Long time reader, first time question poser. What’s the deal with “Mad Max 4”? Is it to be or not? That’s the question, isn’t it? haha.
Charles in Kansas.

Charles, interesting you should bring that up…. Apparently, Mr. Gibson was in my hometown of Adelaide a short while ago staying at a house he has here, and the gossip was flying thick & fast that he was back in the country to work out some details on a film to be shot in Australia. Is it the next “Max” film? No idea, but it would be cool if it was!

Hi Clint,
Just wondering if there was any news about the possible Sequel to “Street Fighter”… I heard that Van Damme was working on it personally?

Chris, sorry brother, Van Damme’s reps say there’s absolutely no truth to this one whatsoever. One of his next attempts to getting back on the big screen is co-starring with Wesley Snipes in “The Hard Cops”.

Hey, I heard in another website about “Halloween 9” that Jamie Lee Curtis might reprise her role as Laurie Strode . IS IT TRUE?

Once more with feeling, that’s a definite no to Jamie Lee screaming her way through another installment of “Halloween”. Chances are it doesn’t really help that she was killed deader than a Dodo in the last one.