Exclusive Interview : Kathleen LaGue


From “American Pie : Band Camp”

Talented, beautiful and as versatile as backpack, Kathleen LaGue is about to win a whole new legion of fans with her performance in the newly-released “American Pie : Band Camp”. CLINT MORRIS catches up with LaGue, fresh from the set of her new film.

how did you get involved in “American Pie : Band Camp”?
I met Mike Elliott, the producer, while playing ultimate frisbee on the beach a few years ago and we kept in touch until he called me in to do a table read of the Band Camp script over at Universal. The writer, Brad Riddell was there, and the director, Steve Rash, and all the teenagers who had already been cast. I read all the adult roles that had not yet been cast and there was one that was perfect for me, so they offered it to me the next day.

Were you a fan of the other films?
I thought they were funny and really well done.

Tell me about working with the young cast?
I think this is Tad’s (Matt Stifler) first movie and he was just as sweet as can be and really nailed the role of Steve Stifler’s younger brother. Arielle Kebbel was a complete pro as well and was great to work with. There were no prima donnas. Everyone was really hard working and fun to hang with.

You’re a singer too – what do you rather be known as, singer, actor – or both?
Well, I love them both. I guess music (songwriting/singing/performing) is closest to my heart, having released my own CD in 2000 and having toured all over the world for the USO, but in the past few years since moving out here to LA, I’ve really enjoyed focusing almost entirely on acting. Although I have continued writing songs for film projects I’ve been involved with, and next week I’m going back in to record a song called “Life is Fragile”, I’m really passionate about the acting right now. The ideal project for me would be starring in a feature film where I play a singer/songwriter/solo artist. I could write original songs for it, and be able to combine both my careers in one project. I’m also writing a screenplay right now that will be based in the gritty underground alternative country world of nashville. (where I lived while making my first record)

When did you get into acting?
As far back as grade school, when I played Lucy in “Your a Good Man Charlie Brown”! I was always involved in theater, mainly musicals growing up. Professionally though, I started out acting in commercials and industrials back when I was modeling in NYC.

Did all your scenes make it into “Band Camp”?
Yes, my scenes were pivotal to the plot of the film, so they were not cut! That was lucky–if you have a supporting role you always want your character necessary to the story line! My scene was cut out of another film that will be coming out soon with Edward Norton called “Down in the Valley”. Ellen Buyrstn’s role was cut entirely out of the movie too, so I was in good company on the cutting room floor! The movie stars Evan Rachel Wood, David Morse and Rory Culkin as well as Edward Norton. It’s a great film.

What’s your next movie?
“Ssslither” is a horror movie about mutant killer eels taking over a small town in the Florida everglades. The concept is based on a true story concerning an exotic species of eels that are released in the southeast from Asia. They breathe air and can survive on land!. I play the lead role of the sheriff, Ruth Gainey-Coates, and along with my ex husband Delmar, the animal control officer, we fight to the end and are two of the last ones standing. My character fights many battles with her 9 millimeter, a harpoon gun, and her sharp tongue, challenging the overzealous ex marine, Lott, who is constantly arguing with her. It was a blast playing a strong female role, who has a softer side and a sexy side, who runs the town. It’s going to be really SCARY, the script is great, and it’s more than just blood and gore, though there’s plenty of that! There’s a great subplot with the relationship with Ruth and Delmar and some great crazy comedic characters as well! (View Pics from “Ssslither” here, here and here).

Who are your co-stars?
My costar Doug Swander is one of my greatest friends from back in Nashville. I knew he would be perfect for the role, rugged, handsome, hero type, so I brought him in to meet the producers soon after I was involved, and he came on board. He also is a singer/songwriter/musician and we’ve been asked to write a song together for the film. We had such a blast filming. We have nearly every scene together, so it was great to have someone I knew would be great to work with, especially with the love scenes, you want to know you can trust that person and you also want to know it’s gonna look hot.

Is it a direct-to-video movie or theatrical?
I’m not sure yet, we just wrapped filming a few weeks ago.

What is next for you?
No matter what, I will just keep being creative and getting involved with cool projects that I believe in. I look forward to working with Mike Elliott, the producer of “Ssslither” again soon. Not only is he one of the funniest people I know, but he was adored by the cast and crew and was awesome to work with. He says he never wants to make a movie without me, so I look forward to that. I’ve been offered a role playing a cowgirl with an attitude in an upcoming feature film directed by Geoff Pepos, where my character also gets to sing in the movie, so that should be fun! I’m also getting back in the studio to record the new song, and I just auditioned for a role in “Bobby” (the Emilio Estevez written and directed story of the last day of Robert Kennedy’s life). I would love to be a part of that project with it’s amazing cast.


Check out Kat’s website at kathleenlague.com, and her music at ITunes and CDBaby.com.