Talia Shire to return for Rocky Balboa


Producers say Adrian appears in flashbacks

The Los Angeles Times reports that – and despite her son, Jason Schwartzman, telling us last week that he knew nothing about it! – Talia Shire will indeed be back to reprise her role as Adrian in the forthcoming “Rocky Balboa”.

Yep, that’s right, her character is six-feet-under in the script, but that doesn’t mean she’s not fit for a flashback or three, right?

Meanwhile, people are still in giggle fits about the prospect of a new “Rocky” movie.

“You can’t turn on television without someone making fun of it,” Revolution Studio’s Joe Roth said. “Jokes like, ‘Who’s he going to fight, Alan Alda?’ Or, ‘Who’s he going to fight, an HMO?’ . It’s very easy to be cynical.”

Roth said he expected the announcement to trigger some humour, but added: “I’m surprised at the vehemence [toward the new Rocky project]. I don’t want to believe people can be that nasty. They should reserve judgment, frankly, at least, until they read the script.”

Thanks to ‘AB King’