Same Ol’ Dame for next 007


Dial M for “Casino Royale”

Looks like Judi Dench is going to have to hit the skin cream.

The veteran actress is set to reprise her role as M for the James Bond prequel (!) “Casino Royale”.

“I heard today that I’m not going to be in London. I’m going to get to go to Prague and The Bahamas,” she tells Empire Online. “They’re getting me out of my box. It’s a whole film there. I’m very much looking forward to working with Daniel [Craig], but I’ve not even read a script yet. All I know is that we’re due to start in February.”

Meantime, David Walliams, best known for his role on the hit comedy series “Little Britain”, has asked producers to write him into the next 007 flick. He wants to play “a pervy hitman”, he told The Sun.

“The guy who does our music on ‘Little Britain’ does the Bond films and I keep trying to beg him, ‘Surely you can get me in somewhere?’ I love James Bond,” he said. “I could play a slightly pervy hitman who liked to cause James Bond some pain but ultimately he can’t really do much because he has a sore hand”.

You can keep hoping I guess.