Crowe heads to Crocodile Farm


Crowe/Kidman film heading to Coolibah Station?

The recently announced Nicole Kidman/Russell Crowe project – no, not “Eucalyptus”, the new one, “Gumleave”, or whatever the heck it’s called – is set for a shoot in Coolibah Station, east of Timber Creek, reports The Kimberly Echo.

Milton Jones’ Coolibah station – a crocodile farm Russ, so you better watch out for snappers – is said to be the prime location they’re looking at to lens the Bazz Luhrmann directed romance.

The station would host 300 crewmembers for three months of the $40 million dollar movie’s filming.

The budget for the movie, set in the 1930s with Kidman playing the target of Crowe’s affection, is reported to be more than $40 million.