About those Back to the Future rumours


What Michael J.Fox actually says of a new film

Seems the net is abuzz with rumours that Michael J.Fox is heading ‘Back to the Future’ again. How chinese whispers can be twisted, hey?

We talked to Fox for the recent release of the four-disc “Back to the Future” trilogy on DVD, and he was asked about the possibility of a fourth film. Unfortunately, publications like ‘The Guardian’ look like they’ve taken it out of context a bit – there’s no negiations or talks taking place for everyone’s favourite time travelling to strap himself into the delorean again. Fox is merely speculating and doing a bit of ‘if’ talking.

As much as some of us would love to see Marty hear the echoes of Mr Sandman again – Fox is merely speculating in our interview. (Which you can read here).

Here’s what Fox says of a “Back to the Future 4” for those that are interested.

Q: Was there ever talk of a fourth film?
A: I think by the time we finished two and three we were all so damn tired and then Bob went on to do Forest Gump and I went on to do some television work and some other things, you know, I started my own show, Spin City. And now the only way it would work would be if I played Doc, I’m 44 years old now and I’m not interested in running around on skateboards! I think after 1,2 and 3 we all kind of felt we had done it. And I think if now they did it again they would do it with a younger cast and just do a different realisation of it, which would be fun and I’m happy to watch it.

All is not lost though….Stephen from BTTF.com checks in with some possibly optimistic news concerning a new sequel.

The site talked to who asked whether Universal might be considering doing a straight-to-DVD sequel to “Back to the Future”. After all, Universal have been churning the DTV sequels out in droves lately – “Carlito’s Way : Rise to Power”, “American Pie : Band Camp” etc.

Says the site, “Just a few months ago, Universal Studios Home Entertainment formed a new division called “Universal DVD Originals” to develop and market direct-to-DVD franchise sequels, which already successfully released Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power in October and will release American Pie Presents Band Camp next week.

When asked whether any consideration has been given to launching a Back to the Future sequel under Universal’s new ‘DVD Originals’ banner, USHE President Craig Kornblau recently admitted in an email to BTTF.com, “We are looking at it!!!!”

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