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Sequel to classic “Hot Dog : The Movie” in the works

David Naughton may have just discovered a reason to shower and shave.

According to Mountain News (Cue Clint’s sexually explicit remark), a sequel to the actor’s 1984 comedy “Hot Dog : The Movie” is in the works. Screenwriter Mike Marvin announced the news on the eve of a 25th anniversary showing of the first film in Squaw Valley.

Marvin (who also directed that 80s masterpiece, ahem, “The Wraith”) hopes to film the sequel in the same locale he shot its snowy predecessor.

The original film, which co-starred a then unknown Shannon Tweed, fixed on Harkin Banks (Patrick Houser), a young Idaho farm kid who is also an ace at skiing. He is headed to the freestyle skiing championships in Squaw Valley, CA along with runaway Sunny. He meets his adversary in the form of Rudy, a self centered European skier who doesn’t take a liking to Harkin or his new found friends, The Rat Pack, led by veteran Dan O’ Callahan (Naughton).

The question is, why? why a sequel? According to Marvin, “Hot Dog : The Movie” “became a hit, a cult favorite, and one of the most successful low budget pictures in the 80’s”. (Personally, I think his answer should’ve been “Well, they’re remaking “Porkys”, why shouldn’t we remake this? It had tits in it too, ya know?).

“Joysticks II : The Next Level” can only be just around the corner.

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