Is Lindsay Lohan a Gold Dust Woman?


Rumored to be up for Stevie Nicks biopic

Hot on the heels of those reports that Kristen ‘Wicked’ Chenowrth is set to boob-up as Dolly Parton in a film (see here) comes some fast-spreading hearsay that another young actress is also about to get acquainted with a Shure SM58 (a microphone, that is).

Lindsay Lohan, apparently pretty good in Emilio Estevez’s comeback pic “Bobby”, is said to be waxing lyrical with those-that-matter about playing Stevie Nicks in a movie.

Lohan – who assumingly will actually sing in the movie – will play a younger (well, duh) version of the Fleetwood Mac front woman, in a film that will chronicle the strawy blonde rocker’s times and trials of the 70s and 80s.

“Lindsay loves the music of that era, and people have told her she has the same distinctive gravelly voice as Stevie’s”, an insider (gotta love them) tells Life + Style. (You may recall that Lohan covered Stevie’s hit, “Edge of Seventeen”, on her record released last year).

Lohan, 20, has apparently already suggested Jared Leto (poor schmuck needs something good after “Alexander”) play Nicks’ on/off lover Lindsey Buckingham.

Two interesting choices, but its typical of you, Hollywood to “go your own way… You can call it another lonely day….You can go your own way”.