The Penn is mightier than the Hulk


Screenwriter on the upcoming “Hulk” sequel/remake/redo

In an interview with Wizard Magazine, “Incredible Hulk” writer Zak Penn tells a tale of how his earlier loss (being rejected for the first ‘Hulk’) turned into an imminent gain (being hired for the second ‘Hulk’).

ComicBookMovie quotes the writer as telling the mag, “My draft of the first ‘Hulk’ opened with him already having transformed into the Hulk,” explained Penn, who is also writing the “Ultimate Avengers” movie. “It opened with him at a roadside bar with these guys picking on him and him saying, ‘Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry,’ and then transforming, and then you flash back to reveal how it all happened.

“Part of the way that this ‘Hulk’ came about is that they went back and read my draft. They went back through all of the stuff that they had commissioned and said, ‘This is more of the tone that we wanted.’ So it doesn’t really require us ignoring the first movie, but that said, there’s a lot of stuff in the first movie that I’m not even going to touch on.”

And no, nobody has been chosen to play The Hulk yet. Hearsay has Carrot Top in with a chance, though.