Moviehole MailBag – 30/11/06


Go On, Ask Away!

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“Like shoving your head into a hot oven” – Anonymous, asked Clint a question, September 2006.

Q.hey clint holden rember that 1986 film the wraith with charile sheen were he ghost driver i think they should make that in to sequel and put paul walker or lucas black as the wraith that be cool movie to see on big screen again and the wraith 2 mark,s revenge on the wraith – Holden

Q. hey clint holden here i just heard about the remake of back to the future i think that so stpuid there doing that any way if they remake maybe after 3 film,s they will do back to the future 4 that i know the guy to play as marty mcfly drake bell from drake and josh – Holden

Q. hey clint holden here i was just thinking redo darkman that be really cool see again on big screen again and get tim burton to do it that be really cool any way remake of darkman that be so cool to see matt damon as darkman that be really cool any way and johnny depp as the hit man – Holden

Q. hey clint what about dukes of hazzard 3 i hope that is in the work,s the chapter would comeplete the finael chapter any that be really or more sequel,s to it like the star war trigoly any way you,ll come yeah here – Holden

Q. hey clint i was thinking of the robin movie waner bors should project leave of batman and a robin spin off like wolfvering is any way i think that be really cool idea a robin on big screen he,s man not kid drake bell should be robin holden – Holden

Q. hey clint holden here any way did you get my messge brainiaic sound,s cool what about the 3 rd film evil kal-el of bizzaro that would be cool for the 3rd film any way that kinda of villain that would be really great any way thank,s for write me back write me back from holden – Holden

Q.hey clint holden here don’t put this on the mailbag okay yeah i read your clint caffenited but still i think still stpuid to do remake of back to future because leave the remake alone any way clint could do me favor could unversiael stuidos address i have an idea back to the future 4 i want see another sequel of the last chapter of the saga any way maybe i could i come up with something on thursday okay write me back from holden – Holden

A. I hear Larry the Cable Guy is playing Nuclear Man in the next “Superman” movie. Cool, huh? No… wait, I have an idea…. Kris Kross to play Robin’s nipples in the next “Batman” flick… one areola per tyke!

Q.I got a question/thought/worry about this James Bond restart thing that is going on. Hollywood is going book crazy, adapting as many popular series as they can. What if they are planning on doing the Bond books in order? The next one being “Live and Let Die”. The title of the second movie in the Craig series has yet to be announced, as far as I am aware. There is speculation on the IMDB that it will be Risico, but do you think that there is a chance that they could make (a slightly more faithful adaptation of) “Live and Let Die” next? I mean its not like the movie machine isn’t fond of going back and trying to remake a classic. – Gareth
A. Hey man. Nah, Bond 22 won’t be a “Live and Let Die” remake. As far as I know, it’ll be an original story by Purvis and Wade (sounds like Curds and Way, when you say it fast) – that essentially picks up where “Casino Royale” left off. But then again, EON are so secretive that could just as well be planning to dump Daniel Craig and cast Spencer Breslin in a redo of “The Living Daylights”.

Q.Hi Clint, Do you think these announcement that Peter Jackson has been dumped [from “The Hobbit”] is part of a carefully designed strategy to settle for less on his lawsuit? There is too much money at stake for this multi-billion dollar franchise to be given to another director. #2) What happened to that remake of “10” that was supposed to happen? -Chris
A Well, latest word on “The Hobbit” is that Peter Jackson is back onboard. If it doesn’t work out for him, he can always attach himself to the “10” remake – apparently that’s what it needs. Someone to attach himself or herself to it – before it can get up.

Q.Hi guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the tickets to “The Descent!” I’ve been waiting for ages to see it – and it was a great surprise to get the free tix in the mail after a crappy day! Cheers! – Chad
A. Oh, hang on…. You were supposed to get the tickets for “Superbabies : Baby Genuises 2”. But no worries, man. Hope it brightened up your day, and forced you to put the shotgun back in the cupboard.

Q.i have gatherd info that scary movie 5 is coming in 2008 and is spoofing saw and slither my told my this information but i realy dont belive him because he said he sa a scene were a charecter from slither is wathing sparky (from saw)and says hello sparky can i come in with you and hen he said that sparky would be running naked out of the bath tub naked with nothing but the saw dolls mask and thats all he told me.oh yeah and just to inform you,you can go to google images and search sequals like scary movie 5 or saw4 and you might see offical movie posters or do a web search and see if a differnt site has more info than you – Vincent
A. I believe the information you’re looking for is … here.

Q.hi –I saw that there was “An exclusive trailer will be shown along with clips and stills from the movie” for David Arquette’s movie: “The Tripper” — is there any place online to see this tripper trailer and stills?? Let me know, thanks – Randy
A. I’ve emailed your question to Joe Harris, the co-writer of the film. But if you want to check in with himself yourself – or see what he has got at the moment in terms of clips and stills – check out his MySpace page. Could be a while before you get a reply though, word is he’s mid-beach party with the cast of “Friends” in Honolulu.

Q.Hey man, who is the leading female contender for Jon Favreau’s Pepper Potts in “Iron Man”? Is it too late to plug in Rosamund Pike from “Die Another Day” and especially “JAG” babe Catherine Bell? Peace out – Ron
A. Pike and Bell are too busy appearing in my dreams to do “Iron Man”, but I’m sure Jon Favreau will consider pulling them from the orgy inside my head regardless. In all seriousness, I think Famke Janssen will be in the mix. (But again, she’s been doing a one-woman show in my dreams… so depends on her schedule).

Q.Hello Moviehole! Has there ever been any talk of a sequel to “The Forgotten”? I love this movie. I think there is the basis there for a much bigger story in a sequel. Any thoughts, rumours, or hope? – John
A. Basis for a bigger story? How about A story this time around?! My thoughts: Let it get no further than this question.

Q.atner to helm “Hobbit”.
November 28, 2006 – Los Angeles
Today New Line Cinema is reporting that after the departure of Peter Jackson from the LORD OF THE RINGS prequel film “The Hobbit”, the studio has hired Rush Hour and X-Men director Brett Ratner to steer the reigns of middle earth in a new two-film series.
Ratner, fresh off the success of Fox’s “X-Men: The Last Stand” and currently shooting New Line’s “Rush Hour 3” is known for his ability to step into franchises already started by other directors. In 2002, Ratner helmed “Red Dragon” for Dino DeLaurentiis, the third film in the Hannibal Lector series. This summer, Ratner broke box office records with his take on the third and final installment of Marvel’s popular mutant franchise.
While shooting “X3”, it has been said Ratner developed a close working relationship with actor Ian McKellen, known to audiences around the world as Gandolf the Grey. It was Ratner’s close relationship with the actor and his “vision” for the film that gave New Line the confidence to green light the two prequel films, due in 2008 and 2009 respectively.
This will be the largest undertaking for the “Money Talks” director, who was quoted as saying “I love the Lord of the Rings movies, the actors, the costumes, the whole middle-earth thing. I’m looking forward to continuing and expanding the vision Peter Jackson put forward, hopefully adding a fresh take on Bilbo and all those other Hobbits. It certainly won’t be the cartoon version.” In 1978, “The Hobbit” was adapted into an animated film by producer Saul Zaentz, the current producer onboard for the live-action remake
– Marty
A. 1) that’s hilarious 2) get a life! 3) I’m sending Holden around right now to get the scoop.

Q.I want to comment on your “Goldsman paid $4 million to re-enter Code”. I mainly want to comment on the end of it. You have not read Angels and Demons so you probably shouldn’t comment that you “heard” it wasn’t as good. I have read both and could not pick a favorite. Both books are a A+! One more thing, Harrison Ford? What? Have you read the book? The character is more of a John Travolta. Anyways, love the site and keep up the good work. Just passing a long my 2 cents – Rocky
A. Travolta? The guy in the dress from “Hairspray” as a sprightly good-looking adventurer with strong Christian beliefs? Ouch, it hurts. Thanks for the 2 cents… but I could use more; I have a mortgage to pay.

Q.Happy Holidays Clint! The other guys need to scoot over because I’m officially on the bandwagon of Katie Holmes in Batman. It’s disappointing to know that she’s brief on the “Dark Knight”, which means she’s a body bag. What a waste because her storyline is intriguing and believable. I’m a sucker for Bruce and Rachel because it hits me on a personal level because many of my buddies and myself are in love with our best friends. Katie was solid with the rest of her castmates. I like the nice sparkage on the big-screen between Christian Bale and Katie Holmes. Am I in trouble now with Agent Ethan Hunt? Let this be our secret ok Clint? – Rabbits Foot
A. Great that Katie’s family is still supporting her. Nice to see.

Q.Awesome site, it’s the best! Anyway – I just read the news about “Starship Troopers 3” and I’m excited. Although, I was curious if this will go direct-to-video or will it get a theatrical release? Thanks! – Jared
A. Thanks man. It’s my proudest achievement since I made the Death Star out of paddle-pop sticks. I believe it’ll go the direct-to-video route.

Q.What’s next for Sylvester Stallone? – Jack
A. “Stop or my Grandmother Will Shoot!”.

Q.What’s the latest on the “Nightmare on Elm Street” prequel? – Milton
A. No news since the question was asked about a fortnight ago… but did you hear Matt Damon’s going to play Darkman?

Q.Why you not making “Mad Max 4” now! I so disappointed. It could have worked! – Mailman
A. That’s what you get for saying those things about the Jewish community. Suffer in ya’ jocks, Riggs.

Q.I can’t rhyme for shit…. But I still wanna enter your “Casino Royale” competition. Is that OK? – Name not Supplied.
A. Dear Vanilla Ice, you know you have to play by the rules.

Q.I need a pimp. – Sally
A. I need a whore.

Will Wolfgang Peterson ever get to do his “Batman Vs.Superman” project? – Joe
A. When I was at the WB a couple of months back it was mentioned that Peterson is still attached to it – but that could change between now and that films 2012 release date. (By that time it may be George Clooney and John Travolta starring in the film).

Q.How much did those guys from Melbourne who made “Saw” actually make? I hear they’re super-rich?! – Matthew
A. Yep, they sure are. Lets put it this way – they’ve nearly paid a quarter of their HECS fees back. Not bad, hey?

Q.Is there any talk of a “Spider-Man 4”? – Roger
A. There’s more than talk. I believe Sony is in talks with Sam Raimi and the cast (including Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst) about signing up for a fourth one already. Sounds like it might actually work out. I know Dylan Baker’s hoping it does…

Q.Heard anyone’s name in relation to “Wonder Woman”? – Tim
A. Dame Judi Dench.