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Anderson’s latest is made of woody

Everyone’s favourite Reagan-era bartender, Woody Harrelson, will headline the next film for “Machinst” helmer Brad Anderson.

Also joining Harrelson for the exercise-program – well, people do seem to lose a shit load of weight working for Anderson, don’t they? – are Samantha Morton, Kate Mara, Eduardo Noriega, Ben Kingsley and Thomas Kretschmann.

According to Variety, “Trans-Siberian” is a crime thriller that revolves around an American couple (Harrelson and Morton) traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway from China to Moscow. When they meet another couple (Mara and Noriega), the result is a train ride full of deception and murder. Kingsley and Kretschmann will play Russian police officers pursuing the couples.

The $15 million dollar pic (cheap stuff) starts up Dec. 11 in Beijing, Russia and Lithuania.