Stallone on Pearl of the Cobra


The next in the “Rambo” series

Sylvester Stallone has been happily – nothing like a bit of free publicity for a new film, hey?! – answering fans’ questions over at Aint it Cool News, including responding to queries about his next pic, “Rambo IV”.

Are you gonna use the bow and arrows to blow things up in Rambo IV; will you be more bulked up in Rambo IV than in Rocky Balboa; will you make Rambo V if IN THE SERPANT’S EYE is a huge hit?
SLY: The answer to the first part of the question, whether I’m going to use bow and arrows to blow things up in RAMBO IV is no, because in all the years that have passed, Rambo lived in the remote part of a jungle in Thailand and would not have access to fresh explosives nor does he want part of that life style anymore, but he will use a bow. Yes, I’ll be more bulked up than in Rocky, because Rambo is living a very secluded life and this life includes a great deal of hard labor in the jungles, which has kept him in excellent condition. It won’t be bodybuilder-ish, but more like the body of a lumberjack or someone that is prone to heavy lifting and bullish labor. If RAMBO IV, which has been re-titled PEARL OF THE COBRA, works, I’m not sure if RAMBO would proceed, that all depends on the fans’ reactions.

Who are the bad guys in the new Rambo movie, and what are their motivations to do what they do?
Presently, the bad guys in RAMBO IV are the sadistic leaders of a far-Eastern country. The soldiers are sadistic and they slaughter helpless villagers. Believe it or not, it’s a modern day sampling of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. Their motivations are political, and sexually perverse, as documented for a fact. They’ve been known to resort to skinning alive, crucifixions, beheadings (with the head remaining on a pole for months)…. Wow, I don’t want to go on because it’s too sick to believe…. I’m actually thinking of making RAMBO IV a musical, and for the big finale every evening he blows up the entire audience.

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