Does Iron Man have a Notebook?


Rachel McAdams is Pepper Potts?

Hollywood’s go-to girl of the moment, Rachel McAdams (whose name I’ve heard linked to a certain role in the upcoming “Batman” sequel, as well, though why wouldn’t it be?), might be rubbing her lean, well-moisturized hands along the armour of one Tony Stark.

Yep, according to Latino Review, the star of the No.1 weepie of 2004, “The Notebook”, is believed to be on director Jon Favreau’s ‘most wanted’ list to play Pepper Potts in his big-screen version of “Iron Man”.

Unlike a lot of other superhero girlfriends (though for the most part, Potts and Stark have a purely platonic relationship), Pepper knows that her long-time bud plays dress-up at night and fights criminals.

Virginia “Pepper” Potts is an executive secretary to Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, who eventually married Stark’s chauffeur and assistant Happy Hogan – despite the fact that she was initially infatuated with the Tone-Bone himself. Later, Pepper divorces Happy Hogan and her initial infatuation with Stark returns.

Jon Favreau has been accepting suggestions from ‘the common folk’ for the role of Potts on his MySpace page for the film. Among the most popular suggestions for the role – besides McAdams – are Kristen Bell (who I believe may have been contacted about the role at some point), “Serenity” star Jewel Staite, and Famke Janssen. If Favreau is indeed listening to his fans, chances are he’s already met with all those girls about the role.