Cats & Dogs 2 Put Down


John Whiteshell on the long-planned sequel

Speaking to Film Monthly, “Deck the Halls” director John Whiteshell (Sure to have a few good DeVito drinking stories, hey?) euthanized plans for a “Cats & Dogs” sequel.

The sequel had been in the works for a couple of years, but they just couldn’t get it together.

“That has pretty much from my end of it, pretty much dead on that.”, the filmmaker says. “We never really could get a script that we thought that everybody thought really worked and I think that it’s a very expensive movie to make and I think that Warner Bros really wants to feel like they’ve got the script first and so I haven’t really worked at that actively for a year, year and half.”

Tippett Studios’ – who had worked on the effects for the first film – Todd LaBonte recently told Moviehole that the company had done a fair bit of work on the sequel, but he wasn’t sure when it was going to get off the ground.

“There is a sequel, we did tests for it. It has been put on the back burner. We’ve got a different cast of cats and dogs this time”, he says, “Apparently the sequel is still going to happen but it won’t be with the same voice cast now”.