Paul Rudd finally catches Hollywood’s eye


Signed to co-star in “Big Brother”

I tell ya, from the moment I saw “Clueless”, I knew Paul Rudd was going to be a big star. He just has that really likeable nice-guy presence – like that friendly uncle, or the amiable chap who works the night duty at the supermarket – that keeps an audience engrossed. He might be limited in the characters he can play – for instance, I don’t see him playing a serial killer anytime soon (though he did battle one in “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers”) – but he has tried too to do a few different things. Granted, Rudd didn’t really land on Hollywood’s radar until he guest-starred on the final couple of seasons of “Friends” – playing Lisa Kudrow’s hubby – but he’s since gone from strength to strength, appearing in the comedy hit “The 40-year-old Virgin” and soon appearing opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in “I Could Never Be Your Woman”.

Latest notch on his belt is “Big Brother”, a Universal comedy that’ll team him with Seann William Scott. Yep, might actually get his name on the poster this time.

Production Weekly says Timothy Dowling penned the script, and it centers on a pair of egotistical thirtysometing bachelors who live their life as perpetual aging frat boys in one long orgy of girls, suds and irresponsibility. But after one of their romps gets out of hand, a judge orders them to enroll in a Big Brothers program as part of their court-mandated community service. Production is tentatively slated for April.