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Sutherland talks 24 feature film

What? When? Why? How?

Santa Carla’s coolest neighbourhood leech, Kiefer Sutherland, tells EW – via Freeze Dried Movies – that his hit series “24” will probably end up as a film series when Jack tires of the tube.

”It can be an amazing series of movies,” Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer on the series, says. ”One of the things I’ve experienced making this show is that an audience can handle a lot more than we thought when we started — the tension, the anxiety…. If we could [compress] all the energy we spread over 24 hours of programming and put that into 2, I think we’d knock your socks off.”

Last year producer/director Jon Cassar touched on the subject of a “24” film, saying he’s hoping to get one off the ground within the next couple of years.

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