Turner slams War of the Roses remake plan


Catherine Zeta Jones wants to replace her

Catherine Zeta Jones is apparently trying to get a redo of her husband Michael Douglas’s 1989 comedy “War of the Roses” off the ground.

Douglas would reprise his role as the backbiting husband, but Zeta Jones would take over for Kathleen Turner, who played his uniformly fiery wife in the first film.

NewKerala.com reports that the news has made its way to Miss Turner – and she’s not happy.

”Well, I think Catherine and Michael are very good together, but as for doing a remake… I think that would be silly. It wouldn’t be as good as the one with me in it.”

Zeta Jones first let slip her eagerness to do a remake of the movie in a 2005 interview.

“If there is one movie I would like to do with my husband it would be to remake ‘The War of the Roses.’ I think people would love to see us throwing plates at each other and having no domestic bliss.”