Moviehole MailBag – 12/1/06

With Special Guest Host – Adam Weeks

Hey there peoples. While “Hollywood Movie Star” Clint Morris is off doing his thang tonight, he’s asked me to do the jumbo sized Mailbag for him, and even after saying “not a chance in hell” to him, he simply lit a cigar with a $100 bill, kissed Mandy Moore, and told me to “deal with it, peasant”. Not nice, but you all are, so here we go:

Hey my friend, can you give me any info on what films Nick Love has done and what he has coming up. Also I have been told by a few people Pat Morita passed away, is this true?

Hey yourself. Alright then, most people would, of course, know Nick Love through 2004’s cracker, “The Football Factory”, and the die-hard fans among you may have also caught his TV work with “Love Story”, or 2001’s “Goodbye Charlie Bright”. Early(ish) this year should see a broadened opening of his latest film, “The Business” a gangster flick that’s drawn some pretty nasty reviews from the boys in the UK, but the audiences seemed to dig it. Unfortunately, your friends are right, Pat Morita passed away last November at the age of 73.

Hey Clint,

Black Panther: The last we heard about The Black Panther was back in September of 05 where Snipes himself said he was attached to the project and it was a pet of his. Around the same time or soon after Marvel announced Black Panther was one of the 10 films it was financing. Any news on that.

Werewolf by Night: I e-mailed Crystal Sky not to long ago and they e-mailed me back saying this movie was moving along and they would be announcing the cast and director soon. I spoke with Marvel who refused to comment. Do you have any updates on this?

Daredevil & Hulk 2 Rights: Do you have any clue how long a movie franchise under a marvel contract would have to be inactive for Marvel to get the rights back. They got Iron Man back (which we’ve heard nothing else about), but what about Daredevil & Hulk 2? Hulk has been floundering since the original came out but Avi’s last word was it would come out no later than 2007. Is that when the rights expire? Daredevil 2 is 1 year before that and the last we heard on Daredevil is Marvel was trying to get the rights back.

Men in Black 3: Sony screwed this franchise up with part 2 but last year there were those at Sony who freely commented on getting MIB3 started. Any updates?

Mort the Dead Teenager: WTF? It wasn’t too long ago that Jessica Simpson test screened for this film which to me seems like a totally fun and original film. Any updates?

Marvel’s “Alias” TV series aka “Alter Ego”: It was on their earnings announcements as upcoming? Again…LOL…have you heard anything.

Punisher 2 & Luke Cage: Both of these films are as good as greenlit but neither Lionsgate or Sony have made any splash about it. I also remember when the Punisher video game came out that they were hard at work on working on the X360 version of the sequel to that game. The script for Punisher is done. Tom Jane is working out and everyone was saying Hensleigh was attached…and then suddenly he wasn’t. The only time frame open for Punisher 2 in 2007 is January, April, and post October. Feb has Ghost Rider, May has SM3, and July has FF2. Luke Cage clearly appears to be a 2008. The last bits of news is that it’s going through a second draft. However…Marvel e-mailed me a couple weeks ago saying they’re looking for a writer? Was MSJ’s script bad? He had some cool ideas in like having Luke Cage name himself after Nic Cage. That is classic.

One last question: Why the hell has Colin Farrell not looked into restarting the Mad Max franchise? Hmmmm?

Note: I’ve been contacting the studios & Marvel to get answers too but I’d figure I’d overwhelm you with a bunch of tired and new questions. 🙂

Damn, Corona! Alright, here we go: Yes, No, 5-10 years, still in development, No, No, Yes, Yes, No…. just different, because he’s too busy stopping his sex tape from leaking anymore.

Hey there.
When will “Everwood” (excellent WB show) season 2 and 3 be available in the US? Ever?

From what I’ve heard, season 2 of “Everwood” should be making a landing some time around June / July in the U.S., but I’ve also heard that due to the decline in ratings, they may not push ahead with it at all….. We’ll have to wait & see.

Can you tell me anything about the filming of the “Walking Tall” sequel that set to begin filming this year – such as who will star in it, release date, etc.? I heard that “Andromeda” star, Kevin Sorbo, is supposed to be doing a remake of “Walking Tall”. Is this the one?
Thanks for any information you can provide.

Not much to tell at this point, but I’ve heard about the Kevin Sorbo rumors as well, and they might not be as far-fetched as was earlier thought, so wait and see.

You have always the latest news about the movie “Rogue”. Do you know the name of the character who plays by Michael Vartan?
Thanks a lot in advance.

No, actually, haven’t heard as yet. I have seen some articles referring to him as “Steve” in it, but whether that’s actually it is anyone’s guess.

I was very happy to hear how much money “Bloodrayne” made at the box office coming in at the #19th spot making under 12,000$. All I kept hearing about, from people who saw it, was how bad the movie was. Please tell me that this means he won’t direct “Metal Gear Solid”, because I like the game and was very disappointed when I heard they asked him to do it. If he does turn this game into a movie, me and other fans of the game will be very pissed off and more money will be gone down the drain and wasted because of how bad the movie will be. Uwe Boll needs to take my word for it and quit directing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Menace. You’re not wrong about Boll, he makes absolutely terrible films that don’t have a single iota of “good times” in them, but as long as he keeps self-financing, he’s gonna keep making crap. I’m a massive PS2 nut, so I’ve got all the “Solid” games myself, and love ‘em to death myself, so here’s the good news from a rational point of view: “Metal Gear” 1, 2 & 3 are among the highest selling video games of all time, and both Hideo Kojima & Konami are extremely protective of the franchise, so I doubt very much that they will let Boll anywhere near it, and I doubt very much that he can afford to finance a film of it’s scope on his own, or even with the assistance of his usual backers. The most credible story I have heard on bringing “Metal” to the big screen is that the script will focus on a time between “Metal Gear Solid” & “Sons Of Liberty”, and will in all likelihood be directed by series creator, Kojima. No doubt the score will be also provided by series regular Harry Gregson-Williams.

I remember reading somewhere that the Wachowski’s were developing a big sci-fi project “The Axis”, in the vein of the “Matrix” trilogy. Well that was back in 2004. Is it still solid stuff or was that a wild rumor?

Yup, wild rumor indeed. Next time you’ll see their names on the big screen is when you see “Screenplay by The Wachowski Brothers” when “V For Vendetta” lobs up on the silver screen.

Clint baby!
Happy new year! Are the old “L.A. Law” episodes on DVD yet? If not, any idea of when they will be? I can’t believe they’re not out yet and you can get the Criterion Collection of “Mama’s Family” in 5.1 surround sound.
Just kidding.

Just kidding? About “L.A. Law”? Thank god for that.

I just want to comment on the ridiculous choices that have been thrown around for the role of “Wonder Woman”, my pick is Jennifer Connelly, I can totally see her with the tiara, she is beautiful, has a great body and can definitely act, I would like to see someone pick a better person….alex

So you want to take exception to all the names been chucked around, but throw one into the mix yourself? Yeah – Jennifer? I don’t know about her, I like her as well, but she might (just might) be a little bit older than what Joss is looking for, especially when you consider the franchise potential. Even without the presence of J.J., I’m still hearing that Evangeline Lilly is a firm chance.

Alrite Clint, me again, I was wondering if you could give some info on Angelina Jolie’s role in ‘The Good Shepherd’, is it a lead or supporting role? And any more info, also what are your predictions for the film?
Cheers boy.

Alright then, John? On paper, Angie baby’s part of Clover is a fairly integral one, but have no doubt that this is all about Damon & De Niro. Basically, “Shepherd” is about the origins of the C.I.A., and it’s got a decent cast attached to it, so as far as business goes, I think it will probably hit around the 50-75 million dollar mark US. De Niro is a great director by the way, check out “A Bronx Tale” when you get a chance.

Hi, I was just wondering how i could find out about tv shows casting or feature films casting. This is a very hard business to break in to with out help….. HELLLLPPPP!!
Thank you
Thomas Marsh

One word Thomas, “Agent”. As in, get one if you want to get anywhere.

Thank u soooo much for reviewing “Mad Hot Ballroom”, I thought nobody else had heard of it! I’ve seen it 7 times!! U actually back me up when I tell ppl its the best movie ever! Thank u!

Hey! That was me! Yup, “Mad Hot Ballroom” is a beautiful little Documentary that deserved all of the praise that it got. Alongside “Murderball” & “Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room”, it renewed my interest big time in Docs in 2005.

Clint my man! OK 2 for you today, first, whats up with the new Lohan flick “Just my Luck” it’s supposed to hit big screens in March I hear, but nothing, no print ads, commercials, nada! Also, what’s the 411 on Tim Roth playing Simon Belmont in the new Castlevania flick?

Lindsay’s new flick has been pushed back until May, never a good sign. Given her recent troubles though, it was bound to happen. As far as Roth goes, hopefully there is absolutely nothing to the rumor of him being involved in “Castlevania”.

(Craig Perry & Warren Zide) Do you know what happened between these two? I heard they no longer work together. And please don’t say Cats and Dogs.

OK, I won’t, I’ll just say “Final Destination 3” & “Henry’s List Of Wrongs” instead. Both due this year.

Your message wishing u all a happy and wondeful New Year.


Hello Clint
I just had a quick question you might be able to help me with.
I have heard so much crap about possible stories and scripts for “Freddy vs Jason part 2”. Will this happen? Who is the third villain and any idea on production dates.
thank you …

Yep, and get ready for at least another 8 – 10 years of the same bullshit my friend. This is going nowhere fast, no matter what anyone says, and as for a third villain? Hopefully they will just end up dumping that idea and stack up another group of teens against them.

Hi Clinty,
I heard a rumor you can dance like “Chicken Little”? Is this true, if so, when do we get to see that?
Mrs. Tosia Morris

I’ve heard that too! Actually, the only evidence of Clinty (awwwww, so cute) dancing his little heart out that exists on video is below:

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