This Week in TV – 1/2/05


This Week : “Prison Break”, “Love My Way”, “SAG Awards”

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Rating season starts up in just over a weeks time…..coincidentally it’s about the same time that “Veronica Mars” disappears from local screens (me bitter? no). Happy viewing! – Clint Morris


Prison Break
SEVEN. Wednesday February 1st 8:30PM.
Episode : Pilot.

Finally, after months and months of staring at that mass billboard campaign and enduring those endless promos, this year’s most captivating new series – and I mean it, you’ll be on the edge of your seat by the end of each episode! – is finally here. Starring Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, the series (from so-so filmmaker Brett Ratner) tells of a man who breaks into prison so that he can help his brother escape. The brother (Purcell), you see, is on death row for a murder he didn’t commit – and the only way it looks like he’s going to see sunlight again is if he can escape from prison. Of course, nothing runs very smoothly – hence the ‘edge of your seat’ scenario as abovementioned. Wait till it kicks in about quarter-way through the season, you won’t be able to miss it.

Love My Way
W. Sunday the 5th February 8:30 PM
Episode : More to Tell

Truth to be told, I didn’t really get hooked on the first season of this series – though I will admit, it was meticulous performed and well written – but the first few episodes of this second season might have just won me over. Picking up several months after the events of Season One’s finale, tonight’s opener has Frankie (Claudia Karvan) returning home from overseas to face a series of new dramas – someone else is living in her house, her friends are separated, her mum isn’t too well, and the memories of her late daughter still linger. Just try and resist not tuning in the following week.

MOVIE EXTRA. Sunday the 5th February 8:30 PM
If chop-suey is your cup of noodles then this will definitely be one to mark down for Sunday night. A spectacular-spectacular of martial arts mayhem, it stars the always-dependable Jet Li as one of several protectors of the soon-to-be First Emperor of China, who is the target of rogues who want to put a stop to his plans to end the war. The film has plenty of martial-arts action – Tarantino is sure to be a fan – and a nice storyline to boot.

The Village
MOVIE ONE. Sunday the 5th February 8:30 PM
Not exactly a brilliant movie, but one to watch out of interest sake. It’s the latest from M.Night Shyamalan, he of the brilliant “Sixth Sense”. This time, he fixes on a community, partial to 19th century Pennsylvania, who fear going into the woods…for some reason or another. As you’d guess, they do have to. Typical of Shyamalan’s films, there’s a twist at the end, but it isn’t half as exciting as finding out Bruno was dead at the end of “Sixth Sense”….hang on, everyone’s seen it by now, right?


1. “Snatch” (Thursday 2nd February, 8:30 PM, UKTV). Once upon a time, Guy Ritchie made good movies.
2. “Buffy The Vampire Slayer : Television with Bite” (Thursday 2nd February, 7:30 PM, The Biography Channel). Learn all about the Slayer’s second coming on TV!
3. “The 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards” (Friday 3rd February, 9:30PM, Arena). Yes, we know who won….but what did they wear?
4. “The 24th Day” (Tuesday 7th February, 8:30PM, Movie One). Scott Speedman and James Marsden in a brilliant little Indy thriller.
5. “Kitchen Confidential” (Friday 3rd February, 2:30PM, 7). Apparently this only airs ONCE a week (on a Friday), not everyday as stated last week.


Quintuplets on FOX 8
One of the March highlights on Fox8 is Andy Richter’s latest sitcom, “Quintuplets”. Apparently, it’s an “ensemble comedy about the trials and tribulations of two parents raising 15-year-old quintuplets in a three-bedroom home. Torn between their dependence on one another, and the need to have individuality, the quints must deal with the problems of living their teenage years as one of five. There’s Parker, the jock, Pearce, the weird one, Patton, the little guy, Paige, the ditz, and Penny, the bitter one.” Might be a worth a look (or then again, it could also be the next “That 80’s Show”).

More “Top Model” in March
The rumours are true….Tyra is returning for another lashing at the gals. Series six of “America’s Next Top Model” has been confirmed for a March debut on Fox8. My wife just did a back-flip.

Bye Bye “Headland”
Barely a week since they announced that they won’t be letting “Blue Heelers” bark anymore, Seven has axed another of its local offerings, the soapie “Headland”. They still have several episodes to air, so no need to start worrying yet (you’ll see them on a Saturday night apparently). One cast member emailed every man and his remote last week pleading people to start watching it. Too late mate.

Thirds of “Everwood”
Good news for fans of Doc Brown and co. Channel 9 will screen the third series of “Everwood” straight-after the second season, currently screening at 10am weekdays. Before you know it…we will have caught up with the states. Just one plea….bring back spunky Sarah Lancaster! (Wow, that girl had more sizzle than bare feet on hot cement).

A second series of “Firefly”?
By now you’ll have heard that an independent production company is trying to get a second series of “Firefly” off the ground. Spokesperson for the company, Ace Underhill, recently described his mission : ““In the last 4 hours I’ve been asked about 759 times; “so what the heck are you trying to do?”. Well, our mission is straightforward, but difficult: We intend to license the Firefly Intellectual Property from Fox, produce the show on our dime, and sell to the highest bidder”, he explains.
Will Joss Whedon be involved? “The ‘Verse without it’s creator? Please, let’s not be absurd. But Joss is very busy at the moment. We are taking care of all the mundane tasks and legwork that is required to untangle the legal issues to save Joss from any undue headaches. After all, it’s really tough to be creative when you’re surrounded by expensive lawyers.
“I have contacted Joss’ management. I have not received a reply from Joss personally yet, but now is not the time for him to be bothered with this. The obstacle lies with Fox, not with Joss. Once the rights are cleared, everything will fall into place. If Joss declines to be involved once the rights are secured, I will abandon the project.
He later adds, “I do not know if Joss approves or not. I do know, from his interviews and discussing with those involved in BDS and BDM, that he has not forgotten his baby. I’m sure with all the posting going on and my inquiry to his agent’s office that he is not entirely in the dark. Perhaps he is too busy right now, or maybe he is waiting to see if I manage to make something happen. And yes, even if after spending X amount of capital and time securing the rights if Joss wants no part, then I will drop it. What’s the point if he’s got no input for his own creation? “.
Seems Underhill has also been in contact with many of the show’s cast and crew too. “We are in contact with many of the original cast and crew, but that’s all that I’m allowed to say at this time. Official notices will be posted on the site as they are cleared”.
Now before everyone gets ‘too excited’, you may recall….a couple of years ago, another independent production company tried to resurrect another short-lived but popular TV series, “American Gothic”. For a couple of years, they talked to those involved in the original show and essentially got everyones blessing, but when it came time to talk to the studio about whether or not it’s do-able – they were flat turned-down. Universal wasn’t interested.

The Smiths on TV
A TV spin-off of 2005 action/comedy hit “Mr and Mrs Smith” is in the works. The films director and writer – Doug Liman and Simon Kinberg – are currently nutting out possible scenarios for the first season. Oh, and no, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie won’t be reprising their roles in the series.

More on the CW Network
UPN and WB will become the CW Network soon…..and in last Friday’s The Weeksly Late Edition, Ad stated what this means for a lot of the series’ on those networks. Check out the info here.


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Q.Hey Clint. Great new TV column – just one question, “Smallville : Season Four” is it coming on DVD soon, or will Channel Ten have it before then? – Dan
A. Hi Dan, Channel Ten are about three years behind – if not more – with “Smallville” so there’s no way you’re going see Season Four anytime soon. However, it is coming to DVD – but don’t rush to your store just yet. Warner tells us it won’t be available until December 2006!

Q.Hey, love the site. Have you heard anything about the third season of “Entourage”? I know that it got picked back up by HBO but they haven’t announced an air date yet!
– Josh
A. Hi. I’ll let the show’s creator, Doug Ellin, answer that one: “Early June. 12 episodes. Then 8 more in January”.

Q.Hey dude, any idea if “Reunion” will come to Aus TV? – Jamie
A. Hi Jamie. I really doubt it….after all, the show was axed before it could wrap up its storyline.

Q.I’m trying to find out if the show “Birds of Prey” will go to PayTV here in Australia? – Alex
Foxtel says they’ve got no plans for it at the moment. Unfortunately, it isn’t scheduled for DVD here either.

Q.Clint, as an Alicia Silverstone fan, can you tell me whether “Miss Match” is worth watching? – Bill
Yes, and it even works with the sound down!

Q.Hey, remember Michael Horrocks? What was the name of the girl that use to co-host the music show with him in the 80’s? – Dr Darth
Lord Vader, that’d be Emily Symons (yep, same girlie that played the ditzy Marilyn on “Home and Away”).

Q.Clint, will “Baywatch Nights” ever come on here? – 005
God I hope not, but in the meantime This will keep you occupied.