Seagal is a real Prince


Making a movie in New Orleans soon

Seems Steven Seagal isn’t a bad guy after all. In an effort to get some currency back into the ravaged New Orleans community, the big guy has insisted he shoot his new movie “Prince of Pistols” in New Orleans.

Writer Joe Halpin says, “I just left there after scouting a few locations. It’s pretty sad. A lot of devastation. That’s one of the main reasons Steven insisted on shooting it there – he wants to get some money back into the community.”

Haplin claims the film, which could be Seagal’s semi-comeback, is “ a modern day tale of revenge. There’ll be lots of Blues legends in it. And it will feature some of Steven’s own music. This one has a bigger budget and is with Screen Gems”.

“Prince of Pistols” is one of several films about to get going in the New Orleans area. Tony Scott’s prepping “Déjà vu” in the area, and Dan Myrick is set to film “Solstice” nearby.